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  1. Anjula

    sorry I had to

    Ok so youre probably gonna kill me now, but I so so so wanted you to see this. I know he is gay, yes I know. But come on he is big, cute (without that weird attitude would be better but still) and he moves oh so wow. So, enjoy the video and why does straight guys are not that self confident...
  2. Anjula


    I think we all love food,so this is what I made for today's diner and dessert :happy: so this is puff pastry with cheese, meat, tomatoes and garlic and chocolate croissants :d
  3. Anjula

    New lady here :d

    Hey everybody!Im new here so I decided that it would be nice to introduce myself.I love meeting new peopleand expand my horizons also Im quite good cooker and volleyball player.I like sports and fashion.When it comes to music I dont have fav kind of ,but mostly Im listening to reggae music,rock...