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  1. Dark_Hart

    My little brother beloved falcon

    This is my little brother beloved falcon " Falah " well he passed away on 19/02/2007 :( this message from my little brother to Falah.. I'm sorry that I called you stupid bird... I'm sorry that I called you chicken legs... I'm sorry for scaring you on many occasions...
  2. Dark_Hart

    Ladies...what is your fav bags!! ( pics)

    Hi there ladies :p so...what is your fav. bag from this collection :happy:
  3. Dark_Hart

    World's biggest cheeseburger

    The World's Biggest Burger created by Bob's BBQ & Grill of Pattaya, Thailand was witnessed by a local TV crew and officials from Ripley's Believe it or Not who recorded the burger's weight at 78.5 pounds against the previous holder of 50 pounds held by Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania...
  4. Dark_Hart

    I want to share something!!

    I want to share it with you ladies and gents ;) I hope you will like it :) http://www.egoshare.com/3715e6fb4380307c9faeaa7c882d0b06/100_pps.html love you all :blush: Dark_Hart :p
  5. Dark_Hart

    Happy Birthday to me!!

    :D today is my birthday .....yes i was born in 19th of August 1983.. that means i am 23 years old now :D woow time really run fast ;) so ladies and gents.. please can you say happy birthday to me :wubu: