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  1. stuffedbelly

    Enchanted Forest - by Machello (~BHM, Fantasy Eating ~XWG)

    Mmmph, I love this story so much. I really wish there was more.
  2. stuffedbelly

    Curious about BHM weight gain fiction

    Hey all, I've been wondering... I'm a fairly decent writer, and have been thinking of doing some FFA/BHM stories, but there's a few points of contention for me. I think I could write stories from a BHM perspective, tailored to, say, my specific tastes, but I want to try and expand beyond...
  3. stuffedbelly

    Secret Fantasies (also, an intro question)

    Hey, I'm kind of new here. Slowly on my way to becoming a BHM (started at about 180lbs...almost up to 250lbs now), looking for some people to chat with. In all honesty, I still find it very hard to believe that there are women who're into bigger guys (and especially bigger guys getting even...
  4. stuffedbelly

    Fabulous GLBTQ Confessions Thread

    Finally get around to posting. Still having a few of my gay BHM moments lately. I'm a young male feedee desperate for a cute, sexy male feeder. I'm currently in the closet and can't stop fantasizing about what it'd be like. My confession: I've started to have really wicked gay sex...