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    im back on here, i was gone for awhile doing things want to see if this will work again :) i am just a really lonely person in this town no girls like me and every girl i mean seem to hurt me :( i really like Skinny girls they r a big turn on for me :) if u want to hit me up u can...
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    new here kinda

    im kinda lost idk if i consider my self a BHM or not but idk. im kinda self conscious about putting up a pic of myself with no shirt :blush: kinda embarresed. but i want to kno wat some girls think of me but idk how to go about it without being worried. and kinda never had a real gf because...
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    New here

    hi i am jesse. i am new kinda refered by someone who lives in my area :-D u kno who u r haha if u want to see pics of me i have someone my myspace so here is the link :-D http://www.myspace.com/xximmortaldevil666xx i have been told i am like 2x my weight by docs and shit so yea...