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  1. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Jelena - by Deryk Shane (~BBW, Magic. Butt Growth, ~SWG)

    Totally NOT long enough, there's room for MORE story here. Interesting so far.
  2. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Freshman 500 - by Coop (SSBBW (multiple), Eating, WG powder, ~XWG)

    Well I enjoyed reading it and as always well written, but wish there was MORE. I used to talk to a gainer girl in NJ or NY who would drink cooking oil too, but I don't think I remember her having these kind of results.
  3. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Hungry For Your Touch - by SoVerySoft (~SSBBW, Romance, Eating )

    When will it be soon? Starting like the 13th year now😐 really well written, wanna read where you take this. This is my 3rd time reading.
  4. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Erotic Ruination - by Zosimos (~BBW, Smoking, Occult, ~XWG)

    Yes, me too. This is an interesting approach to purposely gaining that I'd love to see brought to a fullfilling finish. Its wonderfully written, but just leaves us hanging and wondering.
  5. Mr. Jigglesworth

    A Lesson in Understanding by Anonymous (~BBW, Sci-Fi, XXWG)

    I've read this 3 times so far, great story, wish it was longer.
  6. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Vivian’s Desire (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    Just as wonderfull the second time around, and I'm still hoping for a sequel😝
  7. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Marijuana and gaining

    It's a metabolism thing, mine's set higher probably more than most early 60yo. I use pot, gonna start making my gainer shakes again soon. But others I know can put on weight just thinking about food, you know the ones who while eating are thinking about the next meal😋🐷😜
  8. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Favorite Food to Stuff With?

    What's maltodextrin? I've not heard of it.
  9. Mr. Jigglesworth

    What is your weight right now?

    I'm fluctuating between 164 to 169 right now. Trying to maintain what I have and considering starting back on my wg shakes, cause adding heavy cream to my coffee, glasses of whole milk, mashed potatoes and any cream based soups I eat ain't cutting it😐😒
  10. Mr. Jigglesworth

    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    I'm an ex-Marine and dated a ssbbws while with my unit in El Toro, Ca. Also where I first discovered BBW magazine by Carol Shaw. Others at my base had a term for dating bbws I frowned seriously upon called"feeding the bears". I usually had something to say when it was directed at me & who I was...
  11. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BHM Blackmailing Evan [BHM; FFA; Female Feeder; Slow Burn; XWG]

    Any more chapters to add yet, as I hope this isn't the end.
  12. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Where do you gain weight most?

    My belly and then butt and thighs.
  13. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Favorite Food to Stuff With?

    I too have that relationship with milkshakes and malts. I use whole milk, heavy cream, ice cream with weight-gainers shake mix and either chocolate syrup or peanut butter and banana. Also a chocolate banana side by side shake from Steak n Shake.
  14. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Favorite Food to Stuff With?

    Try an immersion blender and stick it the glass or pitcher you're drinking from. Easier to clean too😋😉
  15. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Favorite Food to Stuff With?

    As a cook, baker/donut fryer I love cooking comfort foods which are fattening, sweets like donuts, muffins, cookies, brownies and ice cream. Often when intentionally gaining I'll make gainer shakes or drink a glass of whole milk with 2-3Tbsp. of heavy cream added with every meal. I try to...
  16. Mr. Jigglesworth

    New gaming device could be 'tweeked' for Dimensions fans.

    Alright the commercial for Occulus like a virtual reality could be used to play virtual gaining to play out. If anyone works in this field could take the lead , I'd buy it. Just a thought.
  17. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Marijuana and gaining

    It's better than being drunk, you don't slur your words. Its a warm fuzzy feeling in your head, things that were funny sober are more often hilarious. It enhances what you're feeling at the time. Frankly its quite fun, I'm high now, getting ready to post an interesting question on the board...
  18. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Shauna by CidRailgun (SSBBW, Fantasy gaining, Feeding Machine, XXWG)

    Just a 2nd time still love this story😋😀
  19. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

    This is my second reading and its still a very well written story. Original too.
  20. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

    Fatastic story, would love to read more as I'm booked😀😉