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  1. landshark

    Weight limits

    I’m steeling @kinkykitten idea and making one for the guys to post their answers. (Hope you don’t mind me steeling your idea, kinky kitten!) for me personally, hypothetically speaking I don’t have a number on the scale that represents my limit, it has more to do with overall look and mobility...
  2. landshark

    Would you quarantine with the person above? If so what would you do for fun?

    Simple game. Would you quarantine with the person whose post is above yours. If so what would you do with that person. Aaaand, Go! Come on now, someone get this started! Don’t make it awkward!
  3. landshark

    “Why Miss Piggy?”

    So... A colleague and I stepped out of the office today to go get a Starbucks. When we got to the window the baristas had a sign up: “Today’s Question: Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy.” My colleague said “Oh, Kermit for sure.” Then she asked me “how about you?” I said “Miss Piggy, easily.” The...
  4. landshark

    Full Album You Must Hear Start to Finish

    In this era of iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and whatever else is out there, shuffling music is king. I wonder how much longer recording artists will actually produce full length albums. So it got me to wondering: do you ever still listen to a complete album by any performer? If so, what is one...
  5. landshark

    Member “Random Facts” Game

    I’m bored so I’m going see if I can start a new game. I’m going to share a random fact about myself and then tag another member. That person then shares something about himself or herself, and tags another member and you see the pattern. Rules are few and simple: please do not keep tagging the...
  6. landshark

    Aspiring Insomniac

    Tongue in cheek of course. I wish I was asleep right now. I’ve been insanely busy and mentally tapped out since pretty much immediately following the holidays. But the last few weeks I’ve added the inability to sleep to my resume! How exciting is that? Like I said, I’ve been busy since the New...
  7. landshark

    Non-Weight-Themed Work

    I’ve done a lot of writing off and on over the years and have recently been interested in submitting some of my shorter work for publication. Because this work is not weight themed I do not intend to publish it here, but I am curious if anyone would be willing to give me a courtesy read and...
  8. landshark

    DJ Happily_Married’s Playlist

    Just a short time ago I’d have told you I’m not much of a music fan. But since my life/work situation changed about a year ago I’ve found myself making a ~3 hour drive twice a week and it has rekindled my interest in music. I listen to a little of everything now. Some songs are “throw away”...
  9. landshark

    Plus Size Parenting

    A while back I shared an experience on another thread: Dealing with insensitive comments, looks or attitudes. I’ve noticed some developments in my daughter that make me wonder if this event was the catalyst. While I’m extremely open about my marriage here on Dims I am less so about my role as...
  10. landshark

    Songs that are “obsolete”

    This should be fun. What are some songs that are obsolete not because they’re old, out of style, and the fads of their day have pass us by, but because their lyrics refer to things that just are no longer in use? For example, Foreigner’s 1979 album “Head Games” has a great sounding song called...
  11. landshark

    Dims Member Appreciation Thread

    This thread is a simple concept. Who are some of the members here (past or present) that you really enjoy talking to? What is it about them that you enjoy? I have a few members I want to say something nice about. @fuelingfire: I appreciate his inputs because as a fit male who prefers plus...
  12. landshark

    Reactions and Observations From a "Mismatched" Couple

    I've been mulling this over for a few months now. I think it's discussion worthy here on Dims, but I've struggled to find the right way to present it. Until now. We went to a water park yesterday and my wife was in a swimsuit (naturally). Now obviously she wasn't the only plus size woman...
  13. landshark

    Random Acts of Kindness Thread

    I've been mulling this over for a couple weeks now ever since a brief interaction with a woman at a grocery store near my home. I paused at the end of an isle to allow her to pass in front of me and I smiled as she walked by. She said thank you for allowing her to go first, and then said...
  14. landshark

    Super Bowl Foods?

    There's just one week remaining before the Super Bowl. A lot of people, even if they are not avid football fans, enjoy a good Super Bowl party if for no other reason than the friends and food. I'm a pretty big football fan, and I love throwing together a good meal, too. My wife and I don't...
  15. landshark

    A Question for our Resident BBWs

    My wife is not happy with her weight or the way she looks. However as we're out and about she routinely compliments other BBWs for the way they look. Or, knowing I have the preferences I do, will point out a girl who is overweight and ask if I think she's pretty, if she's the kind of girl I...
  16. landshark

    Skinny Jeans

    I have always loved the way bigger girls look when they wear skinny jeans. The other day my wife bought a pair and when she tried them on I...reacted. She asked, "How do these look?" I looked at her and just said, "Whoa!" She looked incredible. Lucky me. Do any of the BBWs here...
  17. landshark

    A chance to apologize

    I've shared my background, how I have been attracted to fat girls for a long time, but also for a long time tried to suppress that attraction in an effort to "cure" myself. I dated "hot" girls hoping I would eventually no longer find fat girls attractive. I even made fun of fat girls hoping to...
  18. landshark

    Fit guy/Fat girl (Or vice versa)

    I'm in pretty good shape, but as you may suspect by my presence here on Dims I like BBWs. I know I'm not the only fit guy or gal on this site, too. In a recent conversation I had someone asked me how as a fit guy I could possibly be into fat women. To him it genuinely did not compute. This...
  19. landshark

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    I debated posting this thread, but after nearly a week of mental deliberations have decided to share this story. A few days ago my wife and I took our kids to a theme park near our home. We have season passes, and this was our first visit of many this year. It just happened to be Easter...
  20. landshark

    Describing "Fat" in a way that is decent and preserves the dignity of others

    Does anyone struggle with this besides me? Here is what I mean. I personally do not like to use the word "fat" when describing someone. I think it is belittling and undermines that person's dignity. I realize not everyone here feels that way. Some are indifferent to it, and others seem to...