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    hey aint these two on here

    well I have POF account and a add on the side of my page had pic with link with link and I recognized the pic from here in the past just wanted make sure some buddy did not steal it and use it with out permission I know I would not like pics stolen here is add and link...
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    Funny BHM Wedding Dance

    Seen this today thought some you mite like i did this guys is a bhm not a ssbhm but id rate him a bhm with great looking wife any ways watch there wedding dance see if you like it
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    Women Do You prefer a non hairy chest or hairy chest

    Women do You prefer a non hairy chest or hairy chest on your bhm/ssbhm i have always wondered me my self have lil chest hair so do you guys like a carpet or a smooth tile floor lol
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    Motivation for the BHM

    Here I wanted post some inspiration for you BHM/SSBHM out there there are women out there that love Fatboys/gorditos here is a pic to keep you all motivated and have confidence i have always been confident almost borderline cocky women mite like big boys but all women want confidence the way...
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    How Tall are you are big and tall or just big

    How Tall are you just wondering whats average height of the other BHM on here Me personally I am Kinda tall 6 feet 4inc tall making me a tall big boy any one else tall or taller just wondering well be cool see what you guys say
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