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  1. Bluestreak

    Colleen Williams: Not a bit of discussion?

    I'm just surprised is all, and I admit that maybe my search skills are not all that good, but no mention anywhere on Dims of Colleen Williams, the 710 lb woman from Arizona who popped up on TV at the beginning of March? Maybe it's just her 15 minutes of fame and world problems, as they...
  2. Bluestreak

    Immobility: Is this really what we think ...

    If you read the description of this particular sub area of the Library: Extreme Special Interests Archive You will find stories featuring, among others, those involving immobility . I'm currently wondering if this is actually how we view the topic. Is immobility truly an "Extreme...
  3. Bluestreak

    Amazon Store click through?

    Does anyone know if the Amazon store click through banner for Dimensions (top right of the screen) still works? :mad: I want to buy a spendy thing and if Dimensions can make something off it, that's great, ....but it's not working for me!
  4. Bluestreak

    "Literary Feeder"- Mary Alice Bonita???

    Does anyone know anything about the author of this Insightful little piece in the old story section of the Dims site? Literary Feeder by Mary Alice Bonita Here is a gem of sexual feederism found in serious literature. The excerpt below is from the novel The Sheltering Sky written by the...
  5. Bluestreak

    Daypacks and rucksacks for big guys?

    I need a little help finding something, and it's not really fashion related, so here I am. I need to find a daypack or rucksack that really fits my upper body. I'm 6'2" with a 32" inseam and a 44" waist but I wear a 19x36 dress shirt. In other words, I have big shoulders and a long upper...
  6. Bluestreak

    Plus Size travel wear?

    Hi- The whole family (M&D & 2 teen-agers) is traveling to Europe (Italy and Greece) this summer for 3 weeks. Part of it will be a bus tour, the rest is still undecided, but we will be doing something. So. Travel wear. My size 24/26 wife is trying to find attractive clothes that don't cost...
  7. Bluestreak

    How about a spell check function?

    Hi Conrad- Great stuff with the new board. The format seems like others I frequent, and that is where my question comes. Is it possible to have a spell check function for posting? Poor spellers by birth (and un-changed by 10 1/2 years of Catholic school education!) could REALLY use it...
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