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  1. ssbbwuk

    Hi sweetie. x

    Hi sweetie. x
  2. ssbbwuk

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    Well, it is how many years/months later and that elusive les/bi SSBBW admirer has still not crossed my path. It also appears that i am not the only UK ssbbw that has noticed the lack of cute FFA. Did they all jump ship to the USA, or were they all crushed by their last girlfriend...
  3. ssbbwuk

    ? fat girls can't jump

    I might not be able to jump into an SUV, but a can hang onto the bonnet for a hell of a long ride.
  4. ssbbwuk

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    I am finding that the only women that fancy large women, are other large women. Unfortunately i am not attracted BBW. Well what i would class at BBW (UK size 18 and over). No, this is not a self-hate thing, just a taste thing. However, i can't find ANY regular sized women that fancy a...
  5. ssbbwuk

    Question for the bisexuals

    I tend to fancy some of both, at the same time. However if i am attracted to someone in particular the others sort of fade into the background. What you could be referring to is a hormonal thing. Around the time that you are ovulating, your hormones tell your body to go out and fertilise...
  6. ssbbwuk

    How much does size matter to FAs

    I wish there were more people with the 'bigger is better' attitude near me.
  7. ssbbwuk

    GLBTQ FA Thread

    I am bisexual but have always called myself a lesbian because 8/10 it is a woman i fancy. However, there appears to be no lesbian FA's in the UK. Therefore, my last couple of relationships have been with guys, as they seem more open minded and appreciative of SSBBW.
  8. ssbbwuk

    GLBTQ FA Thread

    To be honest, i don't think that slim lesbian FA's actually exist. I am bisexual SSBBW but nearly everyone that i attract is male.
  9. ssbbwuk

    Arm Folds? WTF

    I guess i have them too. What about leg ones? Anyone have those?
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