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  1. 1love_emily

    What's Your Favorite App?

    BBW Board is totally slow. So I'm asking a new question.... What's your favorite app?!? I like Instagram, Whisper, Journey, and Tumblr. :)
  2. 1love_emily

    #DropThePlus Campaign Thoughts?
  3. 1love_emily


    I think there should be a thread where we can ask questions about dating and relationships. Because I'm dating/talking to/friends with this boy and I have no idea what's going on.
  4. 1love_emily

    Skinny Jean Madness

    It has been a very very long time since I've posted on here. But I'm in need of help! Like, serious help. I have a problem with skinny jeans/jeggings. I want true jeggings that taper at the ankle and are actually jeggings. But all of the places I've looked (Deb, ASOS Curve, Lane Bryant, Old...
  5. 1love_emily

    In need of help and encouragement

    Hi, this is Emily, and it's been a really long time since I've posted on Dims. But I'm in need of help. See, I applied for a job at a Girl Scout camp for this summer. I'm perfect for the spot as musical coordinator for the camp all summer, and the council says I'm their first choice. I just have...
  6. 1love_emily


    So, I guess this board in the Lounge is for us teenagers. And I say only teenagers because there is a separate one for those in their 20s. So, if you're 18 or 19, you're welcome here. Woo.
  7. 1love_emily

    Xmas/Holiday Presents for Loved Ones?

    Hey! I'm trying to find something to give my long-distance boyfriend of 5 months for Christmas? I'm a poor college student, so something small... but I need some help thinking of something perfect. Any advice? Thanks!
  8. 1love_emily

    Has Anyone Seen This? It's a Lifetime Movie about being fat in high school. What do you think?
  9. 1love_emily

    I Deleted My Facebook

    ... and my Tumblr and my Flickr and everything. I'm breaking away from everyone here and I'm getting ready to get away. I feel so liberated now that I'm not chained to a social network anymore.
  10. 1love_emily


    I need a prom dress. I'm being forced to go by my best friend, and I might as well look cute. I want it to be short (above my knees), form fitting, brightly colored, and flirty but kind of innocent. Anyone know where I could look?
  11. 1love_emily

    Tumblr Buddies

    Hello Dimmers! If you have a tumblr, add it here. Let's get some people following each other.
  12. 1love_emily

    Womanly help needed

    Okay, I have this question and it's a little embarrassing, but I'm young and I don't feel comfortable talking to my mother. My periods are always really heavy, and I have cramps that leave me nearly paralyzed in pain. Is this normal? What can I use to fix this?
  13. 1love_emily

    Can Someone Help Me?

    Okay, so I'm in need of advice. There's this guy, Matt, who I have a crush on. He's smart, cute, talented, funny, etc, etc.... But he's been dancing back and forth between "single" "it's complicated" and "in a relationship" on facebook all week. Tonight his status was something like "oh, I'll...
  14. 1love_emily

    Self Confidence Playlist - add your jams!

    I'm a girl who lives on her iPod. I have a playlist for almost everything! Except, I realized I don't have one for self confidence anthems. I feel that everyone needs a playlist of those - a song they can listen to when they need a pick-me-up. So, I'll compile my songs if you compile yours...
  15. 1love_emily

    Where in the world to run away to?

    I feel like being somewhere else right now, and I'd like to imagine everywhere I could be. Tell me the best places you've ever been to. 1) Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 2) Estes Park, Colorado 3) Buffalo, New York add more
  16. 1love_emily

    Mac v PC - The Great Debate

    I'm buying myself a new laptop for Christmas (Yeah, I know, Christmas was a few days ago. Well, even though it was the only thing I asked for, my parents didn't get the memo...) I'm undecided though. Mac or PC? What do you guys think? I need a laptop with a ton of room for music and...
  17. 1love_emily

    Once you finally get off DIMS, what will you be doing?

    Well, I've been snooping around on Dims for too long now. I need to go accomplish something. I'm going to video record myself playing some trombone stuff, post it on my Youtube, post it on here, go get some pizza, wait for comments. And that's it... for now at least. :happy:
  18. 1love_emily

    Are there any young FA's?

    I mean, all the FA's on this site are way to old for me to flirt with! Is there anyone on here in the 18-21 range? I mean, I want to talk to someone who might understand the age issues that BBW and FAs feel now. Like how BB(soon to be)W in high school can't get dates because guys don't like the...
  19. 1love_emily

    BBWs and Skinny Jeans

    I got a brand new pair of skinny jeans. Dark wash, light threading, tapered down to my ankle. DAMN I felt hot in those. I go somewhere, and some jerk tells me "Fat girls can't wear skinny jeans" And do you know what I wanted to do? I wanted to go up, punch the mo fo in the back of the...
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