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  1. Weeze

    Eye Steaks

    Guys, the internet is confusing me. I have thinly sliced eye steaks defrosting, and I don't know what to do with them. Someone give me guidance.
  2. Weeze


    I put this here and not on like, an event board because it's not about a specific event. ANYWAY, does anyone ever see like... gays at bashes? I was just pondering the lack of, that i personally have seen anyway, and I guess I wonder what gives? It's like, all bisexual or the "teehee let me...
  3. Weeze

    This Is My 2,000th Post

    This is me. Krissy. Being an attention whore.... I wanted to do something special for numbah 2000 so here it is! YAY!
  4. Weeze

    I have big hands.

    There, I said it. I have thick-ish fingers, large wrists (but surprisingly not fat wrists, if you touch them you hit bone) and big hands. I recently looked at the jewelry at Catharine's for the first time and let me tell you, finding bangles that fit my hands? HIGHLIGHT OF MY M-FING LIFE...
  5. Weeze

    Dear Wawa,

    I love you. That is all. -Krissy. No seriously. I freaking love Wawa. So please, Jersey/Pennsylvanians, post your Wawa love in this thread. Tell me what you like to get most of the time. I want to know. No, seriously. I do. Oh, and if you're not familiar with Wawa, I suggest you go here...
  6. Weeze

    My body, MY choice.

    I know this has been discussed before, but I feel the need to bring something up. I'm really, really getting tired of people accusing GIRLS that are into feederism of not knowing what they're getting themselves into. I know of a few occasions where people have said extremely hurtful things...
  7. Weeze

    Help Me Out!

    Ok, here's my situation. I do the Vagina Monologues with a group in my city every year. I found a dress I want to wear desperately on in clearance. With their dresses I need a 26. It's currently more than $50 bucks, so I'm waiting... waiting... for half-off clearance. Here's...
  8. Weeze

    Happy Birthday Amatrix!

    Happy birthday to the love of my lifeeeeeee :wubu:
  9. Weeze


    I know their leggings were mentioned in another thread, but I can't find too much other info about it. I went looking, and now until feb. 8th, they have up to 95% off a lot of stuff... but is any of it good? Is it true to size? Smaller? Bigger?
  10. Weeze

    The most ridiculous song you've heard?

    So Thatgirl08 and I were discussing Pussy Monster a while back and it just cam on my itunes shuffle again and... Oh yeah. that's right. I said Pussy Monster by lil wayne. which brings me to my thought. What's the most insane song you've ever heard? Seriously ridiculous and you're not sure...
  11. Weeze

    Easy Vegetarian?

    Let me start off by saying that i cook dinner for my family almost every night. I don't post on here, because I'm not too fond of it when it becomes monotonous. ANYWAY. I made chicken last night, and my sister (who's 16) decides to inform me that she can't eat it because she's not eating meat...
  12. Weeze

    The posting training video I found this greatly amusing.... and think some folks here should watch it. Actually, no. we all should watch it, because (at least for me) it's pretty funny because you think OH THAT GUY when they're talking about stuff.
  13. Weeze

    Happy Birthday Celestial Ceece!

    Happy Birthday to a FABULOUS lady!
  14. Weeze

    I think I know now!

    So, as a few of you know, i've had no clue what i want to do with my life for a long time now. NO CLUE. Well, after talking with a social worker (my current major) and getting the opportunity to go work with an after-school program for GLBTQ teens starting in october, i think i've finally...
  15. Weeze

    Recomend me a College

    Alright. I need to transfer to a 4 year institution ASAP. Where should I go? I'm serious. I have Mt. Mary in Milwaukee, WI and Temple in philly on my list so far... so, i'm not worried about distance :p I'm majoring in social work. Where else do you think? :p No I mean it. Give me...
  16. Weeze

    Are we doing it wrong?

    Ok. Let me preface this that I don't actually hang out with people that do the things in this article. BUT... It got me thinking about other things that we DO do that we think are sexy that just...
  17. Weeze

    Happy Birthday Mossy!

    That's right. It's monique's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOSSYSTATE
  18. Weeze

    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    So. i've been meaning to make this thread for a super super long time. I want everyone, EVERYONE, who's a feedee to say it. Right now. No seriously. I mean it. I think there are a lot more of us than some people realize, and um, the same 4-5 of us can't keep being the only ones going into...
  19. Weeze

    Happy Birthday StarWitness!

    Happy birthday to a fabulous lady :) Hope it's a great one!
  20. Weeze

    On being 18....

    So. I was thinking again. I know, someone should take away my thread-creating liscence :p But I began thinking about history and things, and I'm wondering what younger fat chicks like myself take for granted. Do older bbw's feel like people my age have it easier? Do we? How so? How can...
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