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  1. Qit el-Remel

    Bet You Can't! - by Qit el-Remel (Stuffing, Fantasy, Fan Fiction)

    Stuffing, Fantasy, Fan Fiction - WoW Fan Fiction Bet You Can't! by Qit el-Remel [Author's Note:] This is an edited version of some chapters I wrote for an interactive at, posted by request. Yes, it's WoW fanfic. If you're not familiar with the setting, there are some...
  2. Qit el-Remel

    Size Acceptance, Anorexic Ideation, and Computer Games

    I play World of Warcraft (possibly too often). So does this jerk—he deleted my comment, so he's definitely a jerk...but that's not what's relevant here. What's relevant is that he describes the scrawniest and puniest-looking female characters in the game as "athletically built"...and...
  3. Qit el-Remel BHMs getting a bad rap?, is anyone else familiar with, the site which lists clichés and recurring themes in entertainment? Well, there's a page on that site, describing male characters who fit the following description: "[He] has a long list of conquests and can bend any woman to his will...
  4. Qit el-Remel

    PS3 Eye Candy

    It's been confirmed: Tekken 6, for the PlayStation 3, will feature a character who looks rather like a more athletic version of Coop from Megas XLR. Here's proof: Isn't he cute? :D And if the promos that I've seen for the game are any indication, he's big (he actually looks rounder...
  5. Qit el-Remel

    Nick Frost (yum!)

    A few videos: In his skivvies! Love those big round arms... Yum. Just...yum. Enjoy! -Qit
  6. Qit el-Remel

    A crummy scribble...

    WARNING: If you're averse to NSFW (tasteful IMHO, but even so), badly-drawn sketches of tubby male anthropomorphic mythical creatures posing in the raw, please don't look at my kirin boy. If you're not averse to such things...well, consider yourself forewarned. -Qit
  7. Qit el-Remel

    HeroMachine rocks my socks!

    Surprisingly enough, that's not off-topic. Although I should warn you that you can't make a character any fatter than this guy: least, not without using a graphics editor of some sort later. -Qit
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