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  1. Nexis

    90s TV Nostalgia

    Considering it was mentioned back in the first thread for this sub-section, I figure as 'children of the 90s' we can reminisce about all of the awesome shows we had back in the day. So feel free to talk about the shows you loved and/or wished they came back. To start us off, the old game...
  2. Nexis

    Stop Internet Censorship

    Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system that could very well change how we all use the internet. The New York Times recently did an article today of what the Protect IP Act would do: “The bills would empower the attorney general to create a blacklist...
  3. Nexis

    Hunger of the Night - by Nexis (~BBW, Supernatural)

    ~BBW, Supernatural - A tale of a special kind of vampire Author’s Note: After a long dry spell, I finally got my writing itch back up and running, and with Halloween coming up I felt it was time to write up an apt story for this lovely season. As such, the works of Mary Shelly's...
  4. Nexis

    E3 2010

    For my fellow gamers, this week marks our version of the World Fair: The Electronic and Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. Only after 2 days the big name companies have shown some pretty heavy hitting titles with lots of promise, but since we've got days until its over, I'm sure there's...
  5. Nexis

    There Will Be Brawl, a dark series for Nintendo fans

    A friend a while ago sent me a link to an independent live action film series that was also a fan series for Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Considering most of the videos for games on the net are silly and random, I went in thinking that this one would be the same. Boy was I wrong, and I'm glad...
  6. Nexis

    Looking for a Roadtrip-Based Story

    Hey there folks. Well, a few years ago I remember reading a rather well written story about a family (filled with some rather large women) that happen to go on a roadtrip for a family reunion. I personally thought it was rather well written in terms of details, and the description of the women...
  7. Nexis

    A Newcomer Around These Parts

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen, it's a pleasure to finally be in this great community. For starters, I've been browsing around the forums for a few years, albeit now I can finally do so as a member. I'm a big fan of the many FA writers/artists here, and of course of the lovely ladies of the...
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