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  1. Deanna

    3X Wedding Dress For Sale

    Hi guys, I'm selling a gorgeous mint condition 3X wedding dress from Kiyonna on eBay. Here is the listing: Here it is on the Kiyonna website: I bought it a year ago but between then and...
  2. Deanna

    Down with the sickness

    It's been six years since I embraced this lifestyle. My obsession over fatness has gotten scary intense. Before I would say, "Yeah, I like you big, you're cute and cuddly." Now, "I want to be strangled by your tree trunk thighs, write masterpieces about your manboobs, and perish between...
  3. Deanna

    Happy to be back

    Some of you might remember me. Some of you might not want to remember me. I've been around these parts for a couple years now and decided to start fresh with a new name - my real name. No doubt I shall stir some trouble up again. :D
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