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    Looks like chat is gone for good.

    The "hidden" (left-over) chat no longer works. They've even deleted the "chit chat" forum. *sigh* Oh well.
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    Oklahoma Tornadoes

    Words fail. Please check in if you're all right. I'm not the praying sort, but... yeah.
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    At this time of year...

    At this time of the year, when the roadblocks come up with great regularity, I would like to share a personal experience with you guys about drinking and driving. As you well know, some of us have been known to have had brushes with the authorities on our way home from an occasional social...
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    Rusty's Journey Part 1

    I've been around here for quite a while, and while a few of you know me, you may not realize I've needed to lose some weight for a while for work-related reasons. In any case, after much thought and no little expense, I've made the arrangements and... ... though it's not easy for me to discuss...
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    New Orleans, four years later. How is it?

    It's been four years since Katrina. How well has the city recovered? What has yet to be done? What is it like, now? If you live there, or have visited since, post your experiences and photos here. This is in The Lounge, and politics is verboten on this site regardless -- so please...
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    Bacon Marriage Proposal!

    From Bacon Today Go on, read the link. :) -Rusty (Bacon -- is there nothing it can't do?)
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    TV Pitchman Billy Mays Dead at 50

    Los Angeles Times I'm sorry to see this -- he seemed to be a decent fellow. -Rusty
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    Web hosting, blog hosting, and photos?

    Ok, I'm a relic. My only dedicated online presence was an old and seldom updated AOL vanity page -- and they've discontinued the service. Those of you who have their own site of whatever sort, what do you use? I'm not interested in social networking a la Facebook and Myspace, just a simple...
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    Hurricane Ike

    This one looks serious, folks - Cat II but with weird characteristics that mean it could be anywhere from Cat I to Cat IV at landfall. Jeff Masters's blog at Weather Underground If you're in its path, get out now or as directed by authorities (they're doing evacuations by region to try to...
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    Should Mellie Make A Poll?

    'Cause she was thinking about it... -Rusty
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    Classic Video Game Fun...

    Space War Breakout Video Chess More where that came from... [] I've left a few of my favorites out.. -Rusty
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    Ten years ago, they'd have thought you were nuts if...

    Many things we talk about now would have made no sense if used in a conversation in 1998... Googling something? Being confused as to whose phone was ringing? iPod Adapters? LOLcats? Texting someone? There's more out there... add your own! -Rusty
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    What's the Opposite of Edited Thread?

    It's in the title! -Rusty
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    Just Don't.

    Indeed. Folks, if you run across some appalling site with images of people doing either disgusting or painful things, or something equally unappetizing... JUST DON'T POST IT. DON'T GIVE "HINTS" EITHER. JUST DON'T. Seriously. Thanks. -Rusty
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    Harvard Wants You to be Unhealthily Thin

    NRO Online: To clarify (go on, read the whole thing!) it does not say that obese people are also healthier. It's just pointing out that not only is the BMI-based definition of "healthy weight" is incorrectly skewed toward the skinny end of the spectrum, but also that being thinner than...
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    First Post!

    I'm hardly new here, but... I got to wondering what the first thing I posted on the current boards was -- and here it is, from 10-01-2005, 02:30 AM -- no topic on the reply, parent thread topic was "I'm getting a Motor Scooter :)" by BBWMoon...
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    Chat is down? (1:40 AM Mtn Time)

    Can't get in, can't access the "who's on" list. If it's not just me, I hope it's back up again soon. If it IS just me, I'm puzzled. -Rusty
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    If you chat or post elsewhere...

    The current ruckus about the various "size" discussions and dissent brought to mind that on a motorbike discussion board I post to frequently, there was a suggestion -- and mild almost-flamewar (it's a very polite group) -- that sub-forums be set up for just women and just men. I'm...
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    Chat help -- is it just me or...

    ...the chat appears to be down. Did I inadvertently end up in a blocked IP range, or say something wrong in chat last night? Couldn't figure out where else to ask about it... Thanks in advance to any and all! -Rusty
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