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  1. freedombigirl

    Advice please.....

    Hi, I haven't posted for a while and a lot has changed since I last did, I am in another relationship and have been for 6 months. I love my girlfriend but the other day she went to the doctors about something (not related to this) and she was advised to loose weight. We were...
  2. freedombigirl


    Here are a couple of pics of mine and my girlfriend's bellies. Mine is the first pic....tell us what you think :eat2:
  3. freedombigirl

    Any gaining tips?

    I have been into feedism for a while now, and other than gaining weight when I quit smoking last year I haven't really acted on it. I'm about a size 18 (UK size) and am considering going up to a 22. Just wondered if anyone had any advice or anything?
  4. freedombigirl

    Any Lesbian/Bisexual FFA's?

    I've loved big women for as long as I can remember, ever since I was a kid. I find women so much more attractive than men. Always thought it was weird liking big women, even after coming out as bi. So many men like big women though, and after I discovered the BBW scene I realised it was pretty...
  5. freedombigirl

    Hello from England

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone, I've been on the BBW scene over a year but just discovered Dimensions. Would love to hear from others in the UK, especially any bi/lesbian women or male feeders. I'm bisexual and slightly into feedism but kinda in the closet about feedism lol.
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