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  1. Hubby2USBBBW

    Need some help ladies!!

    OK, so I saw this pic on a German SSBBW's Facebook page and my wife loves this color and wants a bottle of this nail polish... trouble is we don't speak German and can't ask the lady what brand/color this is.. can anyone tell me from the picture? A google search for purple nail poilsh had...
  2. Hubby2USBBBW

    Fat friendly furniture?

    {Not sure where to post this.. I'm not selling anything so the marketplace didn't seem right} Well.. it was bound to happen.. and it did. My 650+ lbs. wife is rough on furniture because of her mass she cannot (or just don't know how to) sit without just plopping all her weight down. So our bed...
  3. Hubby2USBBBW

    Looking for a pet?

    Anyone in Central Cali looking for a pet? We got 20 cats looking for a good home! Contact me if you are interested! Thanks. :bow:
  4. Hubby2USBBBW

    Anyone seen this beauty?

    Her pic came up in a google search for "fat girl" I'd like to know who she is.
  5. Hubby2USBBBW


    Does anyone here know how much Wendy Jo Sperber, Lesley Boone, and Susan Peretz from the TV Sitcom Babes weighed? Did any of them have WLS?
  6. Hubby2USBBBW

    Need some help here....

    my wife is super super-sized and all her clothes are in need of replacement, however we are clueless to what her size(s) is/are. I took her measurements and would like if someone would please tell me what her size is. Because of her thighs, anything like shorts, skirts, jeans, etc. are out...
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