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  1. stevita

    BHM Saturday

    Happy Valentine's Day! Saturday by stevita Aaron awoke with a start. He didn't remember his whole dream, but it had been an unsettling one. There'd been a bang, then a whir and flurry of machinery and a flash of pain… Groggily, he sat up in bed and glanced at the digital display of the...
  2. stevita

    BOTH 2084

    An exiled medical professional is nursed back to health by a reclusive rogue. A high school graduate, upon turning 18, submits herself to a medical experiment to some enlarging ends. The leader of a militia allows his new subordinate to introduce him to the meaning of indulgence. A tortured...
  3. stevita

    Stories that feature therapy?

    I'm curious about y'all's opinions on the use of therapy in weight gain/body positive stories. Personally, therapy has helped me a lot in the past for various issues and I'm considering including a scene where one of my characters starts seeing a therapist for his anxiety and hypochondria. Thing...
  4. stevita

    BHM The Sake of Authenticity

    [Summary: a vain actor with a secret feedee side, who has been fat shaming his peers in the industry in order to maintain his cover, is taught a lesson in body acceptance when his new co-star turns out to be a practiced hypnotist. TWs for hypnotism, mind control, and degrading dirty talk. I'm...
  5. stevita

    Any other writers have this problem?

    I have a trait that I'm trying to portray in a character, but it's hard to articulate it. It's Christyn from Served, if anyone's keeping up with it, and basically, her personality goes like this: she's a mirror. She tends to absorb and reflect the energy of the people around her: if she's with...
  6. stevita

    BHM Served (eventual BHM, civilian turned feeder, slow burn, economic satire)

    Summary: A young man trying to straighten out his life starts work in a restaurant and gets way more than he bargained for in the form of a bizarre awakening involving fantasies of being fattened up by his beautiful, curvaceous coworker. A/n: This is going to be a slow burn. I mean very slow. I...
  7. stevita

    BHM From B*tch to Boss

    A/N: This is a story I wrote a few years ago but never posted anywhere. I hope you enjoy! From B*tch to Boss by stevita -- Another late night. 12 midnight found Nick stuck at the restaurant as closing manager, and he was just about to lock the back kitchen door when he heard out on the...
  8. stevita

    BHM Pound of Flesh

    [Author's Note: A popular male model finds out that his girlfriend is an FFA. He wants to please her in the bedroom, but she is reluctant to let him risk damaging his career. Mad science provides a solution to their dilemma, but help won't come without a price from their unscrupulous chemist...