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  1. melallensink

    Another oddball inquiry

    Any stories about Punk girl XWG? The skinnier the beginning and the fatter the ending the better.....
  2. melallensink

    Whatever and then some....

    If I had to suffer through 1980 again, I'd create a planet hopping skiffy comic featuring Punk looking girls with boobs larger than their heads. Or with the girls being busty BBWs and SSBBWs.
  3. melallensink

    Putting myself out there

    Kudos for at least dabbling a little in fat couples.
  4. melallensink

    throwaway idea

    I keep notes of ideas for unlikely projects just in case I might accidentally could run with one in the future. Here's one I daydreamed and wrote down this morning. Fat City (placeholder title). A skinny young chubby chaser jest starting out in life finds himself as the object of affection for...
  5. melallensink

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    3D printer running in the other room....
  6. melallensink

    Asking this every once in a while....

    But are there any couples' XWG stories with the skinniest, boniest beginnings and the fattest, wobbling, most super sized endings? Or any stories about reverse fat camps that start out unfashionably skinny and end up extra fat? Or advice or help on writing such a story?
  7. melallensink

    What did you buy today?

    Real of Silver PETG filament. Also cat food and window cleaner.
  8. melallensink


    Are there any ssbbw or xwg webcomics out there?
  9. melallensink

    animation: bouncing bellies

    Anybody recall any titles of any cartoons where a character gets so fat that they walk away with their belly bouncing off the ground? One of the best hyperbolic cartoon gags.
  10. melallensink

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Like that's not tripping off a XWG fantasy.....
  11. melallensink

    BOTH I asked this before....

    But I mostly came up empty then and I'm bored now Any stories about a reverse fat camp? Where they come in skinny and leave fat? Kudos for the skinniest boniest start and the fattest bounciest ending. Any XXWG stories about a couple were both start the skinniest start and end up the fattest...
  12. melallensink

    Katnip Cartoon Water Gain

    Reminds me of my fantasy of doing a variation on another bit of cartoon schtick. GF and I walk into the state fair, bony enough that our ribs stick out. We eat our way through until we're hyperbolically fat, leave happily waddling out with our bellies stuffed huge enough to joyously bounce off...
  13. melallensink

    Katnip Cartoon Water Gain

    There are a couple of others. One is where he gets his head stuck in the spout of a railroad water tower. The other, IIRC, he's doing a the role of a seal blowing horns in a circus art and one of the horns is attached to a garden hose.
  14. melallensink

    couple or harem xxxwg stories?

    I was laying awake and a little bored this morning wondering about extra compelling couple or even harem xxxwg stories? With extra brownie points for the skinniest boniest beginnings and the fattest bounciest endings for both genders.....
  15. melallensink

    First Weight Story You Recall Reading

    "Amazons" emailed to me in '96. It's about a couple of athletic high school girls that get fanta-sized fat afterwards. I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Otherwise, a whole lot of cartoon gags before that.
  16. melallensink

    Say Hello to the Munchies! (BBW & BHM, Stuffing, WG Romance, Comic!)

    Cool! Couple's XWG! Something I'd like to see more of either art or prose.
  17. melallensink

    SSBBW dreams

    What was the commercial like?
  18. melallensink

    dirty pair?

    Are there any WG fanfics or fanart concerning the Dirty Pair? Thanks!
  19. melallensink

    Li'l Abner

    There is a partial Li'l Abner archive here: Besides the Daisy May fattens up on mud mushrooms in '53, are there any other WG schtick of note? Thanks!
  20. melallensink

    Do you hoard anything?

    Model rocket stuff. Use to be Studebaker and Pinto and Ford turbo parts but I'm trying to sell the duplicate ones of those off.