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  1. Tracy

    Big Mama Pendant

    I just wanted to share with everyone a gift that I got for Christmas. Its called the big mama pendant and she is very beautiful. You can order her at
  2. Tracy

    Pain in my right heel

    Since I have started walking I have been experiencing pain in my right heel. If I have been on my feet all day or after I walk if I sit down and get back up on it, it really hurts. I'm thinking it might be a heel spur but not sure what to do to ease the pain. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  3. Tracy

    What does all of this mean?

    I have posted several times but this is my first to start a thread. I am looking to my fellow dims people for some input and opinion sharing. This may get long so I am apologizing in advance. I work in a small insurance office doing customer service work and I come into contact with the...
  4. Tracy


    Hello everyone! I have been lurking around for a while and really enjoy the dims. site. I have already met some really nice people and looking forward to meeting more. Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. :)