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  1. Lamia

    Fat Man Dancing

    Someone tried to body shame this man for dancing because of his weight. Anyone see this twitter blowing up. These women in California are throwing him a dance party.
  2. Lamia

    Fat Fashion

    So in another thread the OP was talking about how a lot of larger women dress sloppily because of perhaps low self-esteem. Another said it was due to poor choices in fashion for fat women. I didn't want to derail that thread so created this one. Please share your fashion failures (or...
  3. Lamia

    Fat Head

    Anyone watch this documentary? It's very interesting and funny. I would love to here other people's thoughts and ideas about the information put forth.
  4. Lamia

    Colonoscopy Question

    I had my first colonoscopy on 9/11. Ever since I have extreme pain when sitting. If I recline I am fine. I have called the doctor and he prescribed me PRAM cream which has done nothing. I bought a donut to sit on which kind of helps, but not much. Has anyone experience this before? I had to...
  5. Lamia

    BHMs to drool over.

    nevermind see there is already a thread for this. :)
  6. Lamia

    health assessment at work

    I get to work and there is a flyer on my desk about a health asessment to find out your weight, body mass, cholesterol, glucose. bp etc. My boss wrote on it that it's mandartory.... How legal is that? I go to a doctor and already have all those numbers. This seems invasive to me and I am...
  7. Lamia


    I know we had a thread using paintbrush, but it required themes and taking turns. This is a free for all. Post funny pictures you made in paintbrush. :) I will start. Today I drew a picture of the elusive Arachnabbit. I know you've all seen those trees in people's yard around Easter with the...
  8. Lamia

    Can you be fat and fit?

    Dr. Oz went head to head with Dr. Gaesser recently on the subject. Dr. Oz comes off like some sort of pitch man toadie. There are 4 parts.
  9. Lamia

    Beauty is the Beast

    A stranger had helped me get a tire aired up and in the process he asked my neice "Don't I know you from somwhere at the bowling alley two years ago". Seriously who would freaking remember that? Apparently some guy who had the hots for my neice. I found out later the stranger was a guy I went to...
  10. Lamia

    Studies Show....

    Anyone know if there has ever been a study on how much active people cost the healthcare system and tax payers every year? I can think of a long list of things that cost tax payers money, but are largely ignored because society doesn't hate fit active people. Hikers getting lost...
  11. Lamia

    pierced ear problems

    Does anyone have any advice about pierced ear problems. I had my ears pierced when I was 12. I never wear earrings anymore. The last time was Sept of last year at my niece's wedding, but for years I've been dealing with knots where the holes are. Every couple of months I will notice they are...
  12. Lamia

    That Was Then, This Is Now

    How many of you remember things being done a certain way when you were a kid and realize that you either can't or don't do them the same way because of finances. For instance, I don't entertain. My parents used to have people over for supper almost every night. Different couples would come...
  13. Lamia

    Pizza Toppings

    I just ordered a large cheese lovers pan pizza with extra cheese,pepperoni and 2x mushrooms. This is the first time I will have this particular combination. I love pizza there are so many different choices and I love choices. What are your favorite toppings or pizza?
  14. Lamia

    Blood Pressure Cuffs

    I posted about this in anothe thread, but thought I would bring it up here. Your doctor should always be using the proper size cuff when monitoring your blood pressure. If not it could be a false reading. a Large Blood Pressure Cuff Is Needed
  15. Lamia

    You're got the look

    Random guys will yell obscenities at me because I'm fat. I don't understand why it's my responsibility to provide them with "fap" material, but when people are hostile towards you based on how you look that anger has to come from somewhere. I think it comes from their need for every woman on the...
  16. Lamia

    Let Me Clothe You

    This thread is inspired by the "Perceptions of Big Women" thread over in the main forum. I will reach into my magic hat and produce for you an item of clothing. Just post after this what you're looking for pants, shirts, scarfs etc. *special note they're going to be silly* :D
  17. Lamia

    I have a story about...

    (share your favorite stories about anything) finding a treasure... I am a huge fan of Duran Duran and I have collected a lot of memorabilia over the years. Finding Duran Duran stuff is like finding gold to me. I went to a privately owned music/head shop and I was with my friend...
  18. Lamia

    Gilmore Girls

    Has anyone watched this series? I am just starting the last season and have determined that I really would like to choke about half the cast at this point. *spoilers** All season we've watched the main character take a passive/aggressive stance about the postponement of her wedding. The...
  19. Lamia

    Pillow Talk

    This is my current FB status: "The other night as I cradled Jim's head tenderly in my arms I asked him "Aren't you glad my forearms aren't serated like a Praying Mantis?". He said "Yes!" and then he said "Stop sawing at my neck with your forearms". I said "I bet you're even more glad now". :)...
  20. Lamia


    I watched a documentary tonight entitled "Gamers". It focused only on MMORPGS so in a way I feel the title should have represented that. It tried to show a balance of how gaming can be good and bad. It mostly got me to thinking about why I like gaming and what I get out of it. To me...