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  1. molligmag

    best place to meet bbw's on holiday

    Hi all, I am planning to go on holiday between christmas and new years eve. what would be a good place to meet nice single bbw's on holiday? Maybe anywhere in the Caribean or maybe Mexico? Please some advice! X Mark
  2. molligmag

    Little piece of advice

    Hi friends, I am a FA since I was 12. In my teenage years I have dated several +size girls, but as "friends" gave me a rough time more and more my girlfriends became thinner and thinner over the years. 8 years ago I met my present girlfriend, she was a little chubby with a very pretty...
  3. molligmag

    Anybody knows this girl?

    I found this extremely sexy girl on the yahoo group of honeybunz. There are 3 hot videos of her on this site. She is very pretty and has an enormous big ass. But there is no info or website from this girl. Only that her name should be Monique There are no pics of her on the yahoo group...
  4. molligmag

    Dutch BBW miss

    Hi guys, this girl was voted Miss big sizes in Holland. So it seems that BBW feelings are awakening in Holland too!!! She is really hoooooot!