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  1. Kouskous

    Have you ever...

    oops!! responded to wrong one and in wrong way!!! sorry!!
  2. Kouskous

    Have you ever...

    yes Quick, un-sexy pecks Do you secretly think you are better looking than most of your friends?
  3. Kouskous

    Post 5 random facts about yourself!

    I think I posted on here before. I will try to make it interesting! 1. I think I am to preoccupied with sex. 2. My house is always messy- even though I try to be better about it. 3. I am wishing I chosen a more lucrative career. 4. I do not dislike children, I just do not want any...
  4. Kouskous

    What do you like about the previous poster?

    Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, before I go insane! I like your Ramones' reference. This tells me you are very cool. :)
  5. Kouskous

    Change A Letter - 4 Letters: Part 2

    dark-rake :):):):):)
  6. Kouskous

    Penis dimensions and Canadians . . .

    I thought it was funny. The title definitely caught my attention and I liked the joke. Thanks for the giggle!:D
  7. Kouskous

    Wow! Jessica Simpson's new curves..

    I think she would be beautiful at any weight, but god- those jeans have got to go. I'm sure they are cutting edge fashion, but I just don't dig them.
  8. Kouskous

    I'm bored picture dump...

    Sorry to hear about your break-up:( Cheer up Compliments: You have a cute smile and cute dimples. I do not think you will have much trouble finding a new lady.:)
  9. Kouskous

    The Question Game - Part IV

    How about asking people if they have any pets?
  10. Kouskous

    Change A Letter

    dial- idol (I hope I did that correctly:rolleyes:)
  11. Kouskous

    Post 5 random facts about yourself!

    WOW, so many interesting people on here :) I will try to limit it to five things, in no particular order, and not because i have so many...but rather I tend to share to much.:rolleyes: 1. I once pooped in a lake while swimming and it followed me. 2. My sister and I once got stuck in a...
  12. Kouskous

    The thread for random single confessions Part buttered rolls

    IC It was a crappy day today and I thought evil thoughts about three of my co-workers.
  13. Kouskous

    Frisk the person before you, and......

    OK green eyed-I frisked you....found some chess pieces and gold teeth. Interesting combination. :)
  14. Kouskous

    the ONE thing annoying you the most right now??

    MY JOB:mad: (I will spare you all the details)
  15. Kouskous

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    my, my, my.....where were all these hunky men when I was single? :D
  16. Kouskous

    Frisk the person before you, and......

    OK frisked "Just Jen" and found: A list of upcoming Fair Few Festivals and gigs A locket with her Mumma's picture in it and a pet scorpion that lives in her pocket.:D
  17. Kouskous

    Anyone manage to have an MRI despite panicking?

    I had an MRI when I was about 19. I think i was probably about 230 lbs or so. I had never considered myself claustrophobic until being in the tube. I was feeling the panic set in.The noise was nauseating with the repeating pings and pounding. I felt like I was trapped. I don't know how I did it...
  18. Kouskous

    Your favourite photos

    This was a random pic I took of my hand painted beads.
  19. Kouskous

    Attached or looking?

    :wubu: Attached It will be 5 years in December
  20. Kouskous

    Oh, how I wish I had this guys number...

    wow I hope he knows that everyone is laughing at him. Maybe he will gain some insight to just how wrong his behavior was.
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