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  1. Ryōri

    Happy Holidays

    I just wanted to wish everyone one on Dimensions a very happy and safe holiday and a prosperous New Year. May you all find happiness and health this next year.
  2. Ryōri

    Thank You and Good Night

    For the last couple of years I have been very torn about this place. I really want to believe everyone is accepting here but for one reason or another I just don't feel it. Maybe it's me, maybe I didn't post enough half naked pictures or I come off as creepy or something. I've tried to add...
  3. Ryōri

    The Stupidest Thing You've Done

    So when I was working for the Mouse down in Orlando my friends decided to visit and we had soooo much fun. Well the third night before they were supposed to leave we all decided that we would go to Key West the day before they left. So the night before we went out to Magic Kingdom and found out...
  4. Ryōri

    weight loss

    Granted that may be true but you are thinking this is some perfect world. If that were the case dating would be a lot easier for us larger folk, GAP, Hollister, A&F would carry larger sizes. But this isn't a perfect world so you deal with it however you can. Even on the BHM forum people can be...
  5. Ryōri

    BHMs'...What're Ya Eatin'???

    Jimmy John's.....mmmmmm, I would love some of that Natural pizza from Pizza Hut, that was some goooooood shit.
  6. Ryōri

    You know your a BHM when??

    heck yeah, Now if they only sold them, I could finally realize my dream of running people over like some kind of giant hamster...thing
  7. Ryōri

    You know your a BHM when??

    They have them in the Smokey Mountains, near Dollywood.
  8. Ryōri

    You know your a BHM when??

    You know you're a BHM when... -you are in line for a roller coaster and start to wonder how much you'll have to suck in just to get one click -booths become the bane of your exsistance -you would rather walk then attempt to get into the back of a 2 door sedan -you exceed the maximum weight...
  9. Ryōri

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    Well thanks BLUEeyedBanshee, I appreciate the words of kindness, I love the fact that I am 23 and those pictures make me look like I'm 16 or 17 :p
  10. Ryōri

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    What did they say about idle minds....
  11. Ryōri

    Why do people look down on being fat?

    Actually, I've been look for some dating advise. So thank you.
  12. Ryōri

    Why do people look down on being fat?

    I've always been that funny fat guy, ever since elementary school. High school brought a wave of change though, I was still the funny fat guy but it was really hard to convince a girl I was attracted to that I would be fun to date and so I kinda gave up on myself. I remember my family...
  13. Ryōri

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    You know they are saying natural blonde's will no longer exsist in 50 or so years. So who wants to keep the blondes in exsistance with me :p
  14. Ryōri

    "Health" Question

    hmmmmmm I betting it wasn't the rug burn or other things that were sexy but thanks anyways :p I just figured with as many big guys here that there would be words of wisdom for belly apron maintenance for beginners.
  15. Ryōri

    "Health" Question

    Okay, so recently I lost my job....well, 8 months ago and since then I have noticed I have been eating more and went from 290 to 340. I have also noticed that my slightly drupping tummy has started to sag further and has started brushing against my ::cough::. It is really quite bothersome and...
  16. Ryōri

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    aww that is so adorable, a baby belly
  17. Ryōri

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    Wow, you have some nice legs...and you are very not pasty :)
  18. Ryōri

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I confess that I have a fascination w/ fire and as such, keep at least 3 zippos on me at all times. I love the sound they make and when I'm dates I play with them and it tends to annoy my dates.
  19. Ryōri

    dating sites like eHarmony, Match, etc.?

    Oh, story time. I love story time. When I was in high school I was a big guy, 275 lbs or so, and I did the one thing all big guys are really good at....being a wall, so I joined our football team. I ended up being a lineman and even made varsity. At that point I think I was like 300 lbs a lot...
  20. Ryōri

    Economy Cars

    My uncle, who is a good 400 lbs, has a Chevy Aveo, and there is a lot of leg room and...gut room.
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