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  1. RVGleason

    Doris Day - Roly Poly

    A perfect song for this site! 😄
  2. RVGleason

    RIP Walter Olkewicz
  3. RVGleason

    Paul Whiteman - The King of Jazz

  4. RVGleason

    Dad Bods!
  5. RVGleason

    Alexander Woolcott

    Alexander Woolcott, a columnist and theater critic with a wicked wit. A dear friend of Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers, as drawn by the legendary Al Hirschfeld.
  6. RVGleason

    Groucho Marx and Dance Partner

    From the ‘You Bet Your Life’ show.
  7. RVGleason

    Robert Earl Hughes

  8. RVGleason

    RVGleason - Health Update

    Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve recently been diagnosed with an early stage of prostate cancer. I’m looking at about five weeks of radiation treatments. Because the cancer was caught early, I have a good chance with God’s help and grace of beating it. Please keep me and my family...
  9. RVGleason

    Venus of Dolní Věstonice

    The Venus of Dolní Věstonice, a ceramic statuette dated to 29,000–25,000 BCE, is the oldest known ceramic object in the world. Now on display at the Moravian Museum in the Czech Republic
  10. RVGleason

    Sports Illustrated Curvy Model

    Link: Sports Illustrated’s ‘curviest model ever’ on the secret to finding confidence
  11. RVGleason

    Ray Stevens - Guitarzan

    Wait for Jane! 😉
  12. RVGleason

    RIP Tommy Mara of The Crests

    Tommy Mara, the voice of The Crests, passed away at the age of 65. His was one of the best voices on the Oldies circuit. 😢
  13. RVGleason

    Too Fat For The Chimney

    A fun song by Jerry Colonna.
  14. RVGleason

    500 Pound Fighter
  15. RVGleason

    Fatman - The Human Flying Saucer

    An old comic book hero that should have some appeal here! 😉
  16. RVGleason

    Hot Stuff Comic - Uncle Boiler

    This page gag is from the Harvey Comic Hot Stuff #97, featuring his fat Uncle Boiler. Despite his size, Uncle Boiler knows how to have fun. Was able to find better images.
  17. RVGleason

    Lights Out Radio Play - The Day Sinatra Got Fat

    Lights Out was a science fiction/horror old time radio show that had audio radio plays of strange stories. This episode, ‘The Day Sinatra Got Fat’, deals with a mysterious dust that causes rapid weight gain. This is where you use your imagination to see the images in your mind’s eye.
  18. RVGleason

    Animal Crackers - Fat Clown

    One of the main characters in the Netflix film ‘Animal Crackers’ is Chesterfield the Clown. At the beginning of the movie he’s always eating and has a pot belly. He eventually eats himself into rotund obesity, but it doesn’t bother him or anyone else. He’s definitely one of the most lovable...
  19. RVGleason

    Fat Boys vs Beach Boys