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  1. fatgirl33

    Gravity Girl! Online comic

    Hi everyone! In addition to my Ponderous Woman comic (which is in another thread here), I have also got around to re-mastering and re-posting the first issue of Gravity Girl - the first PW spin-off. You can see it here: at Deviant Art. The only truly new artwork with this comic is the cover...
  2. fatgirl33

    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    Hi everyone, Some of you may remember my old online comic series The Ponderous Woman (and its sequels and spin-offs), I started way, way back in 1999. The site got pretty quiet a few years ago, and I have since abandoned paid web-hosting. But I am starting to get back into the comics, in part...
  3. fatgirl33

    Rest in Peace Madeline Grace

    I have some very sad news to share, that I was shocked to see. Madeline (Maddy) Grace was killed in a car accident at the start of the month. She was a Big Hot Bombshells web model in the past, and was active on You Tube and in the Burlesque community on the West Coast, sometimes performing as...
  4. fatgirl33

    Looking for Male to Female transformation stories

    Hey everyone, can anyone recommend any good Male to Female transformation stories? Particularly where the transformation involves a character becoming a SSBBW? I read one about a year ago that really intrigued and inspired me, but I can't even recall what site it was on! But now I am...
  5. fatgirl33

    Plus Size (5X) Pig or Cow costumes?

    I am looking for cute onesie-type pig & cow costumes. I see all kinds that go from S to XL, but I don't see any real plus-sized ones. Specifically I need to find them in 4X or preferably 5X sizes. Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I just get out the sewing machine? :p Thanks, Brenda
  6. fatgirl33

    New Ponderous Woman comic - Revenge of the Fat Fomenter

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that I am back doing online comics again. After a bit of a hiatus this year due to work, family, and other real-life things, I am continuing the comic I started last year, Revenge of the Fat Fomenter. It dips back into the...
  7. fatgirl33

    15th Anniversary of the Ponderous Woman!

    Wow, earlier this year someone mentioned that 2014 is the 15th Anniversary of my putting Ponderous Woman comics on the Web! Wow, was I shocked! How time flies. Looking back on those early postings, I kind of cringe a little... they look so crude, and my method of inking/scanning/colouring...
  8. fatgirl33

    My gainer comic, Michelle's Diary

    For those that don't know me, my name is Brenda, and I've been pretending I'm an artist, and been working at online comics since 1999, starting with the Ponderous Woman. My current comic is called Michelle's Diary, and I just finished the 8th issue. All of my comics take place in the same...
  9. fatgirl33

    Role reversal - feeder to gainer?

    Hey lovers of all things large... Has anyone experienced a role reversal in their relationship? Did you start out as a feeder and end up gaining weight as the feedee? Or did you start to lose weight and get into shape while your skinny partner started to pile on the pounds? As we gear up...
  10. fatgirl33

    Gluten/Dairy Free Weight Gain recipies?

    My partner Samantha, an unappologetic gainer in the past, has last almost 100 lbs in the last while because over time things like gluten (wheat) and milk (dairy, but not including eggs) have made her feel ill. Cutting out gluten & dairy was hard, but she's feeling great again. However, it...
  11. fatgirl33

    Any stories involving gains from... the other end?

    What I mean by the subject is, any stories about something entering the protagonist from the anal end, rather than the oral end, causing (extreme :eat2:) weight gain? As someone who enjoys loving making using multiple orifices (ahem), this is a fantasy of mine, that I be pumped full from the...
  12. fatgirl33

    Fantasy name calling: Piggies

    One of my favorite things in regards to FA-ism, being a BBW, and generally loving (and lusting!) fat, is name calling and teasing. Maybe it's a bit of a sub/dom fetish thing, but I love to be teased by being called a fat little piggy, and all manner of such... There have been some great...
  13. fatgirl33

    Happy Pride Week, Toronto!

    We had a blast at the Pride Parade in Toronto last weekend, and I hope everyone who has come to Toronto to celebrate Pride Week is surviving the wicked temperatures! Happy Pride Toronto! Brenda
  14. fatgirl33

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    I'm sitting here, surfing the Net on a Sunday morning... My belly is bulging over the edge of the computer table a little, which is a relatively new development. It's the latest in a string of reminders that, "Wow, I've gotten FAT!" Has anyone else had a episode like this? A small...
  15. fatgirl33

    New comic based on the Munchies... Michelle Meets the Munchies!

    Hi folks, Just a quick note to let folks know that I've started a new comic strip for the Summer... I finally broke down and indulged my love of the Munchies (you know, the '80s public service announcement from Saturday morning cartoons?)... After reading Coyote Wild's story a few years ago...
  16. fatgirl33

    New issue of Michelle's Diary (my WG comic) begins

    Hi folks, Just wanted to post a quick note to let those of you who read comics and/or Web comics know that my comic, Michelle's Diary, is being updated regularly again, with the first three pages of issue 3 being posted today. For those that don't know, Michelle's Diary is the continuation...
  17. fatgirl33

    My online queer web comic!

    Hi everyone, Folks who've been around Dims forever may be aware of my website, the Ponderous Woman Online, and the web comics I've been making over there for the last decade... Last year, what was a goofy superhero comic about the Ponderous Woman, a fat superhero, morphed into something else...
  18. fatgirl33

    My new webcomic: Michelle's Diary

    Hi everyone, There was a thread on the end of the Ponderous Woman a little while ago, but I wanted to post something to let you know I'm not out of the web comic biz... Last month I started posting the first edition of Michelle's Diary, and this weekend the first issue is completely up...
  19. fatgirl33

    Help save my artwork from the garbage bin... for Free!

    Hi folks, The artwork I draw for the Ponderous Woman comics (see the link in my sig) accumulates on my shelves until it hits critical mass, and I throw it all into the Recycle bin. Once it's scanned in for publishing on the web comic, I never look at it again. If anyone would like a few...
  20. fatgirl33

    Queen Latifah on Jenny Craig? Ewww!

    Okay, I just saw a Jenny Craig advertisement with Queen Latifah for the first time, and I am a little crushed. QL is one of the few Hollywood celebs that I've admired over the last few years, and I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Her confidence in being herself has been a refreshing change...