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  1. Christopher Hughes

    "Cyber Dating"

    is it real? does it work? What are your thoughts and opinions?
  2. Christopher Hughes

    Dicord Channel?

    Does the forum have a Discord channel?
  3. Christopher Hughes

    Add a line, make a story

    Once apon a time there was?
  4. Christopher Hughes

    I am happy today

    🤔 because I'm Me and I wanna be. And its my birthday today
  5. Christopher Hughes

    Dr.s, Nurses and stupid people in general.

    A bit about me: I am 51 I am 6'0" Weigh 475 give or take 5 lbs I work 50 to 70 hours a week driving tractor trailer. Medically over the years I have done a solid job tearing up my right knee, but 3 surgeries later all is solid( for now). I have avoided the big three issues High Blood Pressure...
  6. Christopher Hughes

    Richmond, Va

    I am looking at setting up a Central, VA meet and greet, what kind of interest is there?
  7. Christopher Hughes

    Anything going on in the Richmond, Va area?

    Any events or Meetups going on?