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    Miss BBW UK 2010

    This news got me excited.:smitten:
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    are fat women who eat on public transport irresponsible?

    I agree. So what she was eating a croissant. Oooh, Scary.
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    Ladies< How does a man....

    If a guy did that why would a woman go out with him? You see it sometimes, but why should a woman be treated any less. A woman who would let her man hide her has low self esteem.
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    Tripple Belly?

    wow sammy you're beautiful.:bow:
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    Pet Peeves!

    Wow i want to be fatter but gaining is so s-l-o-w because i have an active job. Don't you love it when you go for and interview and they tell you you'd be great for the job, and they never call you back and when you call them back they're not hiring. Keep looking and talking to people and...
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    Pet Peeves!

    No it's not wrong. If you want to help. Alot of customers do. They might feel uncomfortable but they won't get in trouble. Our company pushes customer service. Sometimes they don't have enough baggers. So they will call people to the checkout. They just want to do their job well. The managers...
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    Pet Peeves!

    I work at a supermarket i understand. "mommy i want this." (mother screams)"enough. behave." it goes back and forth until they leave the store. lol.
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    Woman aims to be Worlds Fattest (on The Drudgereport main page)

    She should at least try to keep mobile and healthy. The way shes acting she wont be able to walk soon. Big people can be healthy or be big and let their health go to crap.
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    texting and driving..

    I give you props man. You're saving a lot of money. lol
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    texting and driving..

    Buddy;) That's just my opinion. Notice the i the sentence. The last sentence im refering to is for anything dumb behind the wheel whatever it may be to lose focus from the road mainly texting and driving. And in response to your second post:Radio: I say fine. your eyes are on the road. youre...
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    Your favorite fat girl features...

    When it comes down to it. I love a fat ass and fat thighs. Some women have hips and thighs that really bulge out, like all the fat they eat just goes there. To some people it may look funny in proportion to the rest of their body. But it drives me crazy.:wubu:
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    texting and driving..

    When you're on the ROAD you shouldn't do anything that will distract you. I got rid of my cell phone just because it ringing in the car would drive me crazy. Even the radio can be distracting. I've trained my self to keep it off. After being in two at fault accident's i don't know why they put...
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    If your kid was dating a feeder?

    I don't think its selfish if the food is coming out of my fridge. i would want my kid to be repulsed by my eating. so their not eating the money out of my walet. haha
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    Welcome:) Awesome figure. Beautiful girl . beautiful city:) I wish i had the money to vacation lol.
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    What's hotter? (Process. vs. Result)

    I favor the results of weight gain. I think it takes to much time and concentration to gain weight.:eat1: But the results are worth it.;)
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    The Rise of Plus Size

    Me to. In my head the plus size models will set the standard for skinny women. Now i want to see obese models.:wubu:
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    FAs! Is weight gain arousing to you?

    On myself yes. On a woman absolutely, positively yes.:eat1::bow:
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    If i lived in a place where skinny was the norm I'd be fallowing a bbw around with a camera too. :)
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    What is the single most cheese-ridden aspect of the 80s?

    David hasselhoff was cool in night rider. The talking car a bit cheesy.
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