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  1. Teleute

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    I really love them. There are some reviews on makeupalley that say they had problems with it smearing below the eye or not lasting very long on the waterline, but I haven't had either of those problems despite having hugely oily lids and tearing easily. I do use primer below my eye though, which...
  2. Teleute

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    Aust, I love that lipstick on you! Regarding eyeliner, I am seriously prone to the top-lid smudging too. What I do is prime my eyelid (SERIOUSLY important - took me years to actually get around to buying a primer, but it is so. effing. worth it.) and then use the urban decay 24/7 glide-on...
  3. Teleute

    Cyclothymia and ADD/ADHD

    I am a creative person with ADD, but not cyclothymia. However, I just wanted to throw in that pretty much all of the "meds kill my creative spark" I've heard has been in reference to lithium, not to any ADD medication. My ADD medication (I'm on Concerta) actually increases my creative...
  4. Teleute

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    Heh, I've been buying waaaay too much Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh (35% off sale on Aromaleigh's Sonic Rocks! loose eyeshadows right now, by the way - they're changing their formula a little and clearing out the old ones. Sample sizes too, they're 65 cents each or $52.00 for the full set) lately, but...
  5. Teleute

    Those who use Etsy, help please!

    Browsing can be kind of tough, but definitely use the search box to look for things! About contacting the sellers - there is a "note to seller" place when you buy, but I'd suggest contacting them in advance. On the page for any item, the seller will be listed in the top right corner of the...
  6. Teleute

    Those who use Etsy, help please!

    You can see the search she did in the url there - looks like she put "baby tutu skulls" in the search box. To buy things, click on the green button that says "add to cart" on the right side column of the page, and then click "checkout" on the next page. It'll have you create an account and...
  7. Teleute


    A warning about cornstarch, though - cornstarch used in sweaty areas can encourage yeast infections in the skin, as the cornstarch is essentially "food" for the little yeasties. If you never ever have problems with yeast infections, you're probably okay, but if you do start having any symptoms...
  8. Teleute

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    IC that I am too. I am so pissed off right now. This is fucking disgusting.
  9. Teleute

    coming out stories

    I am quite liking your writing style so far, but I am at work and unfortunately don't have time to sit down and read all the way through right now. Better feedback later :)
  10. Teleute

    Many Successful Gay Marriages Share an Open Secret

    See, other people's definition of marriage is different - plus, insurance/tax provide MANY incentives to get married (in the states at least), whether you're planning on having a monogamous union or not.
  11. Teleute

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    I'll answer both to get us back on track again :) Alcoholic: Gin and grapefruit juice mixed, or Black Butte porter for beer. Nonalcoholic: Diet Dr. Pepper. People have strange proportions in my dreams, and my dreams always have people in them. So when I start seeing people with...
  12. Teleute

    New ASOS Curve range launches 22nd Jan!

    Okay, right off the bat, I HATE their model photos. Seriously. Whatever they've done to her cheekbones freaks me the hell out - those are NOT natural! She looks much better in the catwalk video clips than in the photos. Now that I've got that out, on to the actual reviewing :) So, I...
  13. Teleute

    Friends dilemma... need a bit of help.

    The Midwest events & community board. :)
  14. Teleute

    Friends dilemma... need a bit of help.

    Yeah, compared to New England's class president and California's prom queen, Nebraska is like... a member of the chess club. :p I kid! But seriously, you don't need to try to be friends with only people who live near you. Hang out and chat with lots of people! And have you checked the...
  15. Teleute

    to shave or not to shave!

    Ooh, yeah, the skin issues would make it way less pleasant. My skin is pretty hardy and doesn't react badly at all to shaving - I actually dry shave a lot using the Gillette Fusion (that's the 5-bladed one, which is the least stabby razor I've ever found ever), and my skin doesn't have any...
  16. Teleute

    to shave or not to shave!

    I am amused by your armpit hair rebellion :p I shave because I LOOOOVE the smooth feeling. I keep rubbing my legs against each other for like an hour after shaving, because I just enjoy the sensation. I've dated girls who didn't shave and it didn't bother me at all - I'm not "against teh...
  17. Teleute

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    HA. I am amused at how that's presented as something one would have to be forced into doing. :p As for who, well... that leads into my question: Q: How YOU doin'? ;)
  18. Teleute


    Both pairs of shoes are sold on Etsy - you can click the pictures to go to the stores, although the seller of the first pair of shoes is on a break right now because they're moving so there's not much to see in their store... they'll be back soon though. They are both custom-sized, so you send...
  19. Teleute

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    Heh, I would goad my brothers into giving each other wedgies sometimes, but I never did that myself - I was more the quiet evil genius than the muscle when I was little. By the time I started putting the smack down on people myself (and I did get into quite a few playground fights), wedgies...
  20. Teleute

    FA poll - Are you bi-sizual?

    ^^^What she said. >_> <_< Okay, irresistible moment of immaturity over. Sometimes it's really reassuring to have other people post and agree - it can be helpful to see the support. Even from the other side of an argument, it can sometimes make me think "oh hey, I guess...
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