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  1. steeler man

    Me and My fat belly!! :)

    excellent photo!
  2. steeler man

    Netflix - What Are Your Current Favorite Movies Or TV Shows

    American Gods, Jessica Jones, The Crown, DareDevil, Luke Cage, The Tick, (All the recent Marvel films)
  3. steeler man

    The show your face/introduction thread

    You are stunning! Much happiness to you
  4. steeler man

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Divorced, performing artist, Geek (cosplay and love Science Fiction and fantasy literature, art and films). Craft Beers. Love good coffee.
  5. steeler man

    What book are you reading right now?

    just finished The Wright Brothers and loved it.
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  7. me


  8. steeler man

    Naughty and Nicer:)

    You are stunning! Beauty within and out. Just incredible!
  9. steeler man

    I need your thoughts on HOT bodies.....

    Tara, I will add my 2cents worth on this topic. People have what is called in theatre ,"Stage presence". Some people have it more than others. It shows up in their photos and when you meet them in person. when someon has it, whenever they enter a room all people notice. They take the stage so to...
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