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    Anyone Fattened Up a GF or Wifey?

    I have fattened up many of my gfs and my wife, I only found ONE girl in my life (not my wife) who volunataily gained the rest were ahem "helped" by me..yeah yeah..I know I am a bad boy lol. Biggest gain was 128 - 250
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    'Kill Bill' star David Carradine found dead in Thai capital, U.S. Embassy says

    David Carradine through his character in the Kung Fu series inspired me to become a martial artist. It is interesting to note that he beat out Bruce Lee for the lead role as I am a fan of Bruce Lee as well. David made an impression on so many people, your death was a tragic...
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    Feeding Video

    Yeah but unless I missed something...this video does not show the "after effects" of the fattening where the young lady is in a jail cell all fattened up and eating and belching.
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    Feeding Video

    Could only find it in spanish WARNING NUDITY AND REEEALLY GROSS STUFF! Just go to 1:32 to see what you want.
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    my boyfriend wanted some sexy pics... let me know what you think :)

    You are soooo SEXY! ;) I LOVE the belly pic..but sharper would be better in my opinion How attached are you to your bf? ;)
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    I also do morphs...mine tend to take longer and are of higher quality...I also do 3d art. E-mail me pics and requests..I will see what I can do! :)
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    Naughty and Nicer:)

    Tarella... Let my go on record and say you are completely gorgeous and a wonderful sexy lady! :smitten:
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    Does your taste as a FA change over time?

    I knew I liked bigger girls from a very early i started dating I gravitated toward girls with big breasts as for some reason there was a shortage of BBW girls "back in the day". Over time, I found myself more and more gravitating toward bigger and bigger girls. My first BBW gf was...
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    I'm a wimp! I'm so afraid to gain!

    Follow your heart and don't live for others! :) Also realize that there are a lot of people here and elsewhere that would be very accepting of your gain..ME for one! :)
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    Much overdo update!

    Simply STUNNING! :eat2::smitten::D Looking fantastically delicious! ;)
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    My Girl wants to gain!

    She is SMOKIN' HOT! :) An absolute Stunna! DAMN!~ :eat2:
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    Some morphs of mine!

    I have done high quality morphs in the past..and aquired "near famous" status for it lol. :) I would say that you are in the early stages of your work and could do much better with some time and attention to detail. One comment I would make is pay more attention to those litttle...
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    Weight Gain Photo Frame

    Very cool! (Share the experience???) :) Can't blame me for asking ?? lol
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    weight gain art?

    Yeah I do morphs that most say are VERY realistic.. I also do 3D art send me an IM :)
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    Family Fat

    Stories like this are incedibly SEXY! ;) Would LOVE to see family pics! I have to say my wifes family offers sweets and then comments on how fat eveyones getting hehe! My wife has gone from 126 - 260!:eat1::eat1::D
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    Peggy Plumps Up on MAD MEN!

    MADMEN rocks! I hope this show keeps going ...great writing and character development. A very refreshing change of pace from all the shallow reality shows. I am facinated with the era of the 60's..I was born in the early 1960's and LOVE the muscle cars of the late 60's. Of course I would...
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    I don't usually like musicals, I do like John Travolta but in action favorite is "Swordfish". However I DO like beautiful fat women and I LOVE the fact that this movie was size positive. It is a good movie even if you usually don't like musicals! :)
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    I was very much of the mindset of "why are they remaking Hairspray?" ...I was SO surprised at how thoughly entertaining the movie was. This movie is more size positive than ANY I can think of! Queen Latifas song is sexy and she is too. Did I mention Nikki Blonsky? lol ...HOT AND FRESH! ;)...
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    Walkin is good in the movie..but the reason to see it is Blonsky! ;)
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    Ruby you will LOVE it! :)
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