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  1. ChrisVersion2

    What made you LOL today?

    Where's Bill Nye NOW?!!
  2. ChrisVersion2

    unpopular opinions thread

    Sorry, I was speaking about the triple meltdowns at Tepco's Fukushima Daiichi (there should be 4 fully cubed buildings) Current Day My issue is with news and gov't reports claims that there is harmless radiation contamination but we'll see the harm when it becomes apparent in 30 years. The...
  3. ChrisVersion2

    unpopular opinions thread

    an Unpopular Opinion I have is about the ongoing slow poisoning of the northern hemisphere from Tepco's Fukushima Daiichi plant over the next 30 years and beyond. Most seem to refute my opinion by quoting or linking information about how it's on-par with background levels in tree nuts and...
  4. ChrisVersion2

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Ahoy folks, long time lurker/member and I thought I'd re-intro myself. I'm Chris I live south of Boston ma with Miss Marybeth and our Dogs :) I'm a hardcore I.T. guy, like to think I could wrangle any company's network. Cheers!
  5. ChrisVersion2


    D-awe! Thanks folks and its great to see everyone survived the holidays!
  6. ChrisVersion2

    What are you happy about today?

    Personally I'm feeling quite Anticipatory for 2014, it's most likely the New Year high. For example, I'm hoping to put more effort into my hobby blog and start to create better and relevant content for it
  7. ChrisVersion2


    Happy 2014 everyone! Just popping in letting everyone know we are still alive :happy:
  8. ChrisVersion2

    hey aint these two on here

    If it's POF here is the contact details Is this your domain name? Renew it now. Thumbnail of Current Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search) Record Type: Domain Name Server Type: IIS 6 Lock Status: clientDeleteProhibited WebSite...
  9. ChrisVersion2

    hey aint these two on here

    if you see the ad again could you please right click and select "copy shortcut" or if you are using Firefox please "Copy link location" or you you are using crome "copy link address" Then please paste the link you copied into a PM to me :bow: and if you need my nekkid ass anywhere else if...
  10. ChrisVersion2

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Time for a cookout and some corn!
  11. ChrisVersion2

    The i am too fat for..............Thread

    I'd like to say stairs still suck, though happily living in a ranch :)
  12. ChrisVersion2

    Whats your job?

    Recently promoted to Senior I.T. Engineer for a managed I.T. service provider :)
  13. ChrisVersion2

    Guy's Skills/Hobbies Thread

    imfree, I'm looking into getting a HAM Radio, I have no training yet but interested if you have any advice for someone just starting out. I'm thinking about buying a used one off of craigslist, and would like to understand the different features one would want and the terminology. Meanwhile...
  14. ChrisVersion2

    Dat .gif!

    Rag Racing and required fat guy content
  15. ChrisVersion2

    Picture Thread: Chris & Mary [SSBHM, FFA]

    I just want to go on record and say pictures with cake are better :P
  16. ChrisVersion2

    Horny Meter

    Is that near Intercourse?
  17. ChrisVersion2


    :rolleyes: It's a neat idea, I wonder which section will be most popular.
  18. ChrisVersion2

    Horny Meter

    are we allowed to post twice :P About a 6. Just saw "I spit on your grave"(2010)
  19. ChrisVersion2

    R A N D OM Awesomeness

    Monkey and Cloud SNUGGIES!
  20. ChrisVersion2

    Guy's Skills/Hobbies Thread

    I do like me some business intelligence
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