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  1. BBWBecky

    Iso underwear for bigger hips and butt

    Since gaining some weight my hips and butt have been giving me trouble finding underwear that fit right. Any suggestions on what underwear would be more comfortable would be appreciated
  2. BBWBecky

    places to buy size 24w and up bikini sets

    Getting ready for summer and looking to buy a size 24w bikini to wear for my adoring feeder..any help is appreciated
  3. BBWBecky

    Belly weight

    I have been eating to gain. The numbers on the scale hasnt moved but my belly feels bigger/ heavier. Does this make sense.
  4. BBWBecky

    Anyone taking Victoza

    Just wondering if anyone else is taking this and anything you have experienced from taking this drug I have been on it for 2 days now
  5. BBWBecky

    What is your clothing preference for a gaining woman

    I have been gaining and have found that plus size maternity clothing works best when I'm gaining. The stretchy material leave more room for your belly when eating more during the day. Regular jeans with zipper and button just press into your belly and leave red marks.. The maternity jeans...
  6. BBWBecky

    What is your weight right now?

    246.3 lbs this morning
  7. BBWBecky

    Decided to gain....look or a guy in Pa for encouragement

    A little over a month ago I decided to gain and was getting encouragement from a guy friend. Don't get to talk to him much and have yet to meet. him. Wondering if there is a guy around Clarion, pa. that is looking for a BBW that is gaining . Also looking for encouragment...
  8. BBWBecky

    How fat do you like 'em?

    I like my man between 150 to 475..Have dated a guy that was 150aldo have dated a guy that was in the 455 or so
  9. BBWBecky

    What are you having for breakfast

    Had nachoes with jalapenoes..didnt feel like bread,eggs,or cereal
  10. BBWBecky

    Foodies from northwestern pa

    Looking to meet and hang and hopefully be friends with some foodies from the northwestern part of pa. Hit me up..
  11. BBWBecky

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    around july 2011 when I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus...when I went for the surgery I was around 235...about 3 months later I was up to 273 lbs...thats a 38 lbs gain...didn't realize how much more I was eating till I one day I put on my fav pair of jeans..guess I squeezed myself into them...
  12. BBWBecky

    Things we break :)

    I'm only 5ft4in and in the 240's I have a 2001 hyundau santafe..I broke the plastic that surrounds the seatbelt latch....that with somewhat wide hips makes it lean again the middle console... it was fine,,,but soon after that had to replace the whole latch due to it failing......
  13. BBWBecky

    Question for those that take Celebrex

    I have been taken celebrex for a little over a week now and my weight went from 240 to 245.2 lbs....being a BBW I'm not really complaining...but diabetes runs in my family I don't want to get it.. I was wondering if anyone else on here has experienced the same as I have..
  14. BBWBecky

    Carrying SSBBW Wife over threshold?

    My fiance, who is an FA at 5ft11in and around 164 lbs, hasn't been able to lift me(5ft4in tall and 248.2 lbs) but I can lift him... Do you FA's find it hot to have a girl lift ya off the floor
  15. BBWBecky

    Underwear Preferrences

    I wear fruit of the loom..cotton strech briefs.....they are really comfortable
  16. BBWBecky

    MasterShake 365 - all of the Master, all of the Shake!!!

    your belly is coming along nicely. Wish ya lived closer to me... I'm also a Pittsburgh Steeler fan hope they beat the Jets; I'm also a NASCAR Fan I'm a bbw and a ffa
  17. BBWBecky

    Looking for underwear...

    I'm looking for Cotton stretch underwear that both fits in the butt area and covers my belly area up to my waist. I'm a Small BBW at a size 24W; but can't seem to find underwear that goes above my belly button area.. The undwear I do find to cover my belly to my waist are too big in the butt...
  18. BBWBecky

    Wifes rapid weight gain and strange health issues

    her pottassium level might be too low... have her eat a banana a day or get pottassium pills at a local store and see if that helps
  19. BBWBecky

    What is your weight right now?

    I'm at 258 as of this morning... I know this is a weight board..i'm trying to lose around 20 lbs or so to get my diabetes under control
  20. BBWBecky

    Cars - What are you driving? (for fat drivers)

    2001 hyundai SantaFe..This is not very fat friendly was alright when I was around 215 now that I'm between 258 and my biggest 272 this year...the seat belt doesn't reach much and I almost need a seat belt extended..I wouldn't recomend this to any BBW or BHM
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