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  1. Kenster102.5

    the bigger the girlfriend, the less tolerant everyone is?

    I totally get that whole 1 and 0 thing from a Binary/computer stand point and how well it translates into relationships, since 1+0 = 1 relationship :) I don't let it bother me anymore, you know what if someone makes the comment, I would probably grab her hand harder, hug the chick and make out...
  2. Kenster102.5

    the bigger the girlfriend, the less tolerant everyone is?

    Even worse is when it is a really thin guy like me dating a bigger or supersized girl, the optics get thrown way off. Already I am getting comments because I am 5'11" and I am supposed to weigh 170 lbs, when in fact I weigh 150 lbs, "Dude you need to eat more" . I make up for it by lifting...
  3. Kenster102.5

    Where is your favourite fat area

    The lady can be 5' to 5'11", have high cheekbones and a nice jawline or a double chin, can have a C Cup or a bit bigger, but the main point is I will be fine with everything below the waist. The hips and ass got to be wide, and those thighs can rub or just jiggle and bounce, and I will be...
  4. Kenster102.5

    Wht do I hafta explain myself???

    When it comes to my friends and whoever asks about why I think bigger women are attractive I just narrow it down to one explanation. I say it looks more feminine and more healthy with the extra weight, and I don't want to get the feeling I am dating myself or a mannequin. I am a thin guy myself...
  5. Kenster102.5

    Apples or Pears, Tits or Ass

    For some reason large hips and thighs and butts are much more feminine to me, that is why my eye gets caught on them. At least a C-Cup or larger will do, but dat' ass is where it is at.
  6. Kenster102.5

    90's Cars

    Lincoln Town Car Second Generation Dog RAM 1500 GMC/Chevy Suburban 1500 Ford Expedition Volvo 850
  7. Kenster102.5

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - by Lust (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, Dining, ~MWG)

    Damn right, this is an awesome read, please continue on it really is great.
  8. Kenster102.5

    When you were a teenager...

    I just recently started dating since last winter when I was still 20. The neighborhood and high school I went to was very middle to upper income area, where lawyers and bankers would call home. Most of the people I came into high school are from that background. There were also students who...
  9. Kenster102.5

    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    Incredibly hot to see that fat ass bounce on the tread mill, sometimes I got to stop myself so then I can get back into my routine. The leg curl machines are awesome to watch in motion. I sort of wish they would falter and get off the diet and get fatter, you know how the body wants food after a...
  10. Kenster102.5

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    You know you're an FA when your mother notices how you stare at a girl, and your mother slightly interrupts you to break your stare. It happened at my local vet about a month ago, the chubby cute vet tech was taking care of the bill, and she was sitting in her desk and I was leaning over...
  11. Kenster102.5

    90's Music Anyone?

    As much as I liked living and growing up in the 90's and 2000's, if I were born in the 70's I could maybe have appreciated it more, now it is sad to see a lot of acts dying off like Guru of Gang Starr, and not having A Tribe Called Quest on tour anymore. Fear Factory - Self Bias Resistor The...
  12. Kenster102.5

    FA Myths Thread #16

    I am 130 and 5'11'' my mother is about 105 lbs at 5'5'' and she used to do Phys Ed and running when she was in University. It certainly may not apply to the mother complex. Just a thin guy who though the chubby teachers were cute when he was in middle school.
  13. Kenster102.5

    90s TV Nostalgia

    Big Comfy Couch and Zoboomafoo. I wasn't too much of a fan of Couch, but it was still something I remember. Mind you Alyson Court the actor is pretty gorgeous looking now. - From 1995 The Adventures of Shirley Holmes...
  14. Kenster102.5

    90s TV Nostalgia

    Men In Black Series - it was brilliant Batman the Animated Series Cybersix when it was on Teletoon The Tick was something that I now realize I should've watched more of. Reboot was awesome.
  15. Kenster102.5

    Did anyone else see this Documentary?

    Last night on TVO the local public broadcaster in Ontario, showed "Chubby Chaser" the Jeff Sterne documentary The video: But yeah it was awesome it answered a lot of questions that I also had...
  16. Kenster102.5

    First Date and Issues?

    I have been on two first dates with different women, or first evaluations as I call them :D, and nothing happened after those, either I had gotten a "No Interested" or no reply back. I think my conversation wasn't that great but I already know how to fix that, but what I am worried about is...
  17. Kenster102.5

    meeting a guy from a dating site for the first time!

    In the past three to four months I met two curvy ladies from OKCupid, both dates were over meals, we had conversation but nothing really panned out after it, one didn't reply and the other said I wasn't her type. Right now I am in the stage where I am just Skype messaging people, I have yet to...
  18. Kenster102.5

    Single, Attached, Looking?

    Actually this thread really has nothing to do with me, I picked the wrong topic while doing a search for "Dating" topics. So please ignore what was previously said.
  19. Kenster102.5

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Holy crap this story covers all the bases, man I can't wait for the next chapter.
  20. Kenster102.5

    90's Music Anyone?

    Just so you know the links are Youtube videos Tool STP Soundgarden Pearl Jam The Odds Matthew Good Band Moist Foo Fighters Ministry Butthole Surfers - really great psychedelic rock band with a strange name The Headstones The Tragically Hip Jeru The Damaja A Tribe Called Quest De...
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