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  1. jbason

    Weirdest Food Combos You Like

    Pierogies with sour creme and ketchup
  2. jbason

    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    In Harry Nilsson's animated movie "The Point", Oblio meets three dancing fat ladies in the pointless forest , whose point is joy and laughter.
  3. jbason

    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    The show was David E. Kelley creation "Picket Fences", which ran for 4 seasons from September 18, 1992 to April 24, 1996. The season 2 episode 17, episode was called "Squatter's Rights" it aired March 11, 1994 and featured Darlene Cates as Sophie Wallace as the wife in question.
  4. jbason

    What Do You Say to Ppl Concerned About Your Weight?

    My usual response to the question: "Have you lost some weight?" is "Hmm. Have you found some? :D
  5. jbason

    Dating and PCOS

    Sending love hope and hugs your way. Here is part of one male's perspective. First of all I have eczema and when I was younger it very severe and definitely made me very self-conscious and the stress of that self-consciousness of course made it worse. So I have a small window of...
  6. jbason

    NAAFA Conventions of 1990's

    according to my research: 1989 LA Convention (76) 1992 Boston Convention (23) 2001 Cherry Hill Convention (59) 2003 LA Convention (92) 2009 DC Convention (68)
  7. jbason

    Sandra Weber-Zitkus (1960-2016)

    Heartfelt Condolences to you and your family, Wayne. She has been a light and and Icon form many years in the various communities she graced. Thank you for the gift of your passion, Sandie. Rest in peace
  8. jbason

    Describing "Fat" in a way that is decent and preserves the dignity of others

    My girlfriend's old roommate in a neutral tone sometimes used the adjective 'Weighty'. It can be used to mean Heavy, Serious, or Influential. I sometimes use the phrase 'Of size'. as with all matters YMMV.
  9. jbason

    Thank you for the many years publication, involvement and positive insights (I have been a fan...

    Thank you for the many years publication, involvement and positive insights (I have been a fan of yours for anumber of decades.)
  10. jbason

    Dimensions Forum Members to be on The Dr. Oz Show (Thurs. 9/22/11)

    there is strong judgment against some parental behaviours and others seem to get a pass. I've yet to hear of a national plan to take away the kids of parents who smoke. An activity that much of the evidence indicates a shortened lifespan for the parents, as as well as adverse effect to the...
  11. jbason

    Debra Perkins (Teighlor) Passed on 21 July 2011

    I too never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but did exchange emaiol messages back in the early 90's and discussions on usenet. She was a shining star whose brightness will be missed. my condolences to her family and those who cared and will miss her.
  12. jbason

    BP deals with a coffee spill:Funny youtube video

    I hope this is the appropriate forum for this post. A friend sent me this youtube link. Of BP handling a coffee spill and I couldn't stop laughing < this how a company handles a disaster. > enjoy :D
  13. jbason

    R.I.P Rhonda :(

    So very sad. My condolences to her family and friends...
  14. jbason

    Is 2012 the end?

    what I remember hearing is that this is just part of the calender that date marks the end of 13th (major time block) another way looking it make Like dec 31 13,999 in the Mayan counting system. so all the fuss is similar in nature to the end of the world scenarios that were predicted for...
  15. jbason

    Yet they want fat people to pay for 2 seats!

    I wonder, if I had to pay for two seats - would I get two meals, on meal providing flight? :D
  16. jbason

    why thin people are not fat?

    the link won't work for non -U.K. residents luckily their do appear to be some bittorrents available for those who occasionly download ;) google ["why are thin people not fat" avi] and acquire away
  17. jbason

    Are there any FA's in Canada??

    Yes Virginia, there are FA's in Canada. here, there and scattered about. Unfortunately there aren't as many Size Positive Clubs to concentrate them but they do gather. Toronto is lucky to have a couple of groups who's existence has overlapped and has provided a forum for people to meet. There...
  18. jbason

    What do you do when people say "You've lost weight"?

    I find it does annoy me. My most common response to "Have you lost weight?" is something like "I don't know, have you found some recently?" :D other times I just shrug and say "I don't really bother keeping track one way or another" ;)
  19. jbason

    CT scans - where can they be done?

    My partner is getting an abnormal growth surgically removed (insert grumble about fat-hostile GP that ignored the early stages). SO far she has had mixed experience dealing with the hospital, in general the staff has been wonderful but at various times the resources have been inadequate for a...
  20. jbason

    Genetics vs environment...............How does it relate to obesity

    Don't know if this helps, probably doesn't, but it seems relevant. It's a quote I heard from someone else. It goes: "Arguing which contributes more to development Nature or Nurture, is like arguing over which contributes more to area the width or the height" For most of us, the...
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