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  1. Fangs

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    The name calling is pretty unrealistic, but I must admit the story has me captivated. Super powers? A real plot? A BHM protagonist? I'll put up with the mean stuff to read this! Please write more!
  2. Fangs

    BHM Cravats and Coat Tails - by Xyantha (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

    I'm sorry for your loss, but I very anxiously await the next part!!!
  3. Fangs

    BOTH Ten to One - by Xyantha (~BHM/~BBW, Romance, ~SWG)

    Dear god. Please update this. I swear you just described my perfect man. :wubu:
  4. Fangs

    BHM Yes (Parts 1-7) - by Starling (BHM, Romance, SWG)

    Still one of my favorite stories!:wubu:
  5. Fangs

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    *raises hand* I like everything from chubby to SSBBW, but I must say my preferred range is the 220-280. Of course, that all depends on how the girl carries it and her height, etc etc. Just a general number to toss out there. And me? I'd say I'm curvy and soft in all the right places. 5'10 and...
  6. Fangs

    BHM The Dancer and The Detective - by Rellis10 (~BHM, ~FFA)

    A work of art. Whoever you are, author... you did a damn fine job with this. The descriptions, the setting, the Sin City.
  7. Fangs

    The Syndicate - by Ashblonde (~FFA, ~BHM, Romance)

    Your stories are always so amazing. It's sexy, but it's always more than just smut. :bow: Please update soon! and let us know if you ever write a book! I'd buy it!
  8. Fangs

    FA Films?

    Road trip is the only one I can think of that truly showcases fat as sexy. I've seen Paprika, but it felt like the woman was in love with the BHM's mind rather than his body. Still, when she touches him - she certainly feels the attraction. Aside from the FFA undertones, it's certainly...
  9. Fangs


    Actually, I just moved to Cali from Florida not even a year ago. I see you're in Florida now. :doh:
  10. Fangs


    Holy fuck you're hot. *ahem* Right. Back to game topics. A friend just finished Heavy Rain and left the game here so I might just pick it up and play. I don't know if I can get through 5 hours of depressing storyline though -.- As for the WoW discussion, I've sadly been bored for the...
  11. Fangs

    2050 - By Quincy (~BBW, Eating, ~XWG, Science Fiction)

    Thanks for correcting the capitalization atrocity. The lack of proper grammar in the original post was worse than a bucket of cold water. :doh:
  12. Fangs

    Expanding Horizons - (~BBW, ~SMG, Illustrated)

    Amazing story. Please keep writing! Love the visuals
  13. Fangs

    Public displays of fat...

    It's a huge turn off to have half the belly in the pants instead of over them. I also don't like bellies hanging out below t-shirts. Get longer shirts and/or wear an undershirt and tuck that one in. If it's a nice button down shirt, I love seeing it tucked in with the belly pressing out...
  14. Fangs

    Favorite Pick-up Lines

    I never take a guy seriously who uses a pick up line on me. =/ However, chances are if the guy is tall and heavy - I'll be too busy drooling for the first few seconds and completely miss what he's saying anyway. :D
  15. Fangs


    For the Horde! I have 4 level 80s on Twisting Nether Horde side if anyone is into the RP and/or PvP part of the game.
  16. Fangs

    sigh :( so hard to find a good man..

    Dolly, do you have any pictures you'd like to share with us? I noticed your occupation says model - and I have to admit I'm more than intrigued. Unfortunately, I'm not a big husky man. I certainly wish I could grab that club from a few posts above and drag one of these minions over to you...
  17. Fangs


    I miss Miami greatly. I think I'm a little homesick or - homepartysick. I know there's Club Bounce here in LA, but they say it closes at 2 AM. 2 AM? I barely have my makeup on at that hour! I'd kill to have the money to make it to Ultra in Miami this year =( Also, Miami seemed more...
  18. Fangs


    I agree with the above image. I can't tell you how many times I've gender changed mid-masturbation. Sometimes I'm a man the whole way through. I'm truly bisexual in the sense that I might start off with being attracted to a man/woman, but I won't really even know what gender/person will end...
  19. Fangs

    Anyone RP?

    I do, but I usually involve the characters in more than just a sex story. It's usually hours long - some relationships lasting months. Whatever it takes to get the story done as realistically as possible. I've never RPed something out where we fast forward through time - something weight...
  20. Fangs

    Alina (~BBW, Secret Gain, Romance, ~XWG)

    =/ So, the romantic part is that there's a girl in distress? I'm confused with this story.
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