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  1. isamarie69

    Technology enthusiasts HELP!

    Its time for me to get a new phone, I'm having a very hard time deciding between the Motorola Droid X and the Samsung Fascinate, I have no idea which is better. This is the Droid X...
  2. isamarie69

    Netflix, Whats in your queue.

    I know alot of people now have Netflix or Blockbuster, and I thought it would be fun to see what people are watching. I just added the T.V. series I married Joan. Which was a copy cat of I love Lucy. Though still funny in its own right. Starring Jim Bacus and Joan Davis. But whats first up...
  3. isamarie69

    Foods you miss!

    Food comes and goes depending on popularity or demand, Whats some of your favorite foods that disapeared or are extreamly hard to find. Mine are tomato flavored Top ramon. And Stroganoff potato Hamberger helper.
  4. isamarie69

    Dealing with self esteem issues.

    I have battled self esteem issues off and on all my life. Be it thru grade school teasing, kids always asking me if I was a teacher or a student. Or boys and now men taking advantage of my insecurities (funny how they learn that even in their teens) My sister always telling me shes the pretty...
  5. isamarie69

    throwing in the towel!

    So im out at this club, its a great club called Rocket! But honestly its the 1st time o felt my age, and really my age has nothing to do with what im feeling, its my weight. I realize its too late for me. Im here with my friend who has been 41 for 6 months and tonight she made out with a 21yr...
  6. isamarie69

    So I have on the MDA telethon in the background.

    And I'm hearing all these old nostalgic preformers playing. It just reminds me of being a kid and seeing these people on Merv and Dinah growing up. We never missed the telethon and would beg and plead our mother to let us donate. Charo WOW lol the facelifts are showing but her body is...
  7. isamarie69

    Hi question more towards the bbws and mothers.

    I'm looking for a site like Dimensions for teens, my daughter is also plus sized and lacking in self confidence, I would like to find a safe place she could discuss her feelings meet other girls where she has things in common, get fashion tips and just make friends. I have made a few friends...
  8. isamarie69

    Post a picture of your favorite physical feature.

    This is my favorite feature :D
  9. isamarie69

    OHHH!! Dimensions

    Have i told you how much i love you, that you can keep me entertained for hours and hours and hours lol. And all i have to do is sit here and try to look pretty.:wubu::wubu::wubu:
  10. isamarie69

    Dinner with the band.

    I'm not sure if this is the right board but makes sense to me. Its a new show on the IFC channel, I've only seen 2 episodes so far, but really enjoyed them both. Heres a link of the upcomming episodes. Has anyone else watched this show yet...
  11. isamarie69

    Anyone want to go in chat with me?

    I'm in chat everytime i go its empty, But i always here great things about it lol.
  12. isamarie69

    This was almost as exciting as seeing Paul live

    I almost cryed just like the coolest moment since Obamas inauguration. It was just an awesome feeling watching Obama sing with PAUL!!!!
  13. isamarie69

    Sure has been boring around here!

    After all the excitement last week. We need some drama kings/queens. To give us something to do.
  14. isamarie69


    Torrid is having 50% clearence right now, I also saved an extra 10% with this code 6AF10OFF Plus 5% with divastyle. And to top it all off FREE Shipping.
  15. isamarie69


    Ok i'm not quite sure if this is the right forum or not? But my age is really creeping up faster then i was expecting, so i have been thinking for the past year about getting a facelift. Hopefully just the new 2 stitch or maybe Restylane. I know your all thinking how can someone be so fat and...
  16. isamarie69

    What song do you idenify your self with

    For me right now its 2 songs Mostly its Viva La Vida Coldplay. Every time i hear this song i think my god thats me lol. One day i will rule the world again ha ha...
  17. isamarie69

    Does anyone have any info on Cachique bras.

    They sell them at Lane Bryant, They actually have cute and or sexier bras in the larger cup sizes. But for some reason they seem to be depleating their stock, I have been checking since november for my size and they only now have a beige if its still there, In the plunge bra. I called in dec and...
  18. isamarie69

    Is there a tattoo thread?

    Im just nosey still trying to figure these forums out. Is there a thread to share photos of tattoos yet?
  19. isamarie69

    Kinda new here!

    I have had the membership a while, But have not posted or replyed yet. So i thought i would introduce myself, I see a few friends already on here. I live in southern california, the greatest place on earth :) I love going out to the clubs and concerts and just hanging out meeting new people.