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  1. Green Eyed Fairy

    Pear Shaped vs Apple Shaped - Associated Health Risks Equal for Both

    I've read for years that being an apple shape is more "dangerous" far as a human being's health is concerned. New research is showing that is just not so...
  2. Green Eyed Fairy

    What are you sick with today?

    In lieu of all the happy, sad, eating, listening, watching about one for the sick people? I have caught some type of respiratory illness...from my daughter. She's been sick over a week. Doctor tested for flu, strep throat and walking pneumonia.They can't really decide what it is...
  3. Green Eyed Fairy

    Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hashbrowns

    Just saw the commercial for Jimmy Dean brand stuffed hashbrowns- I assume they come frozen as other Jimmy Dean products do. Anyone tried them yet? Sounds interesting and quick...
  4. Green Eyed Fairy

    Christmas Goodies and Baking

    For those of us that celebrate Christmas, the food is a big part of the celebration. Many goodies being passed around at work, gifted to friends and made as a family tradition. The sweet things I make this time of year are usually simpler fare and are more about spending time with my girls...
  5. Green Eyed Fairy

    What's Your Meme?

    Yes, I did steal this off FB. Thought we might like it here.
  6. Green Eyed Fairy

    World's Widest Hips

    Interesting article that I want to share Comments? Opinions? “Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.” I like how supportive her husband is of her.
  7. Green Eyed Fairy

    Quotations That Have Held Special Meaning for You in Your 40+ Years on This Earth

    Khalil Gibran- I can always go to his words at the worst times in my life
  8. Green Eyed Fairy

    What Were Your Fave Horror Movies and Books from the 70s and 80s?

    Amityville Horror- the book scared the bejesus out of me- most likely because I read it when I was 8 yrs old. Never cared for the movies. The first Halloween movie was a heart pounder to me- as was the second.
  9. Green Eyed Fairy

    Post an Old Music Video from "Back in the Day"

    Our days, that is..... Please allow me to go first :D David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  10. Green Eyed Fairy

    Cheesiest/Worst Music Videos of All Time!

    Yep- the title says it all. Let's having a posting stand off of who can win the thread with the most awful music video of all time. The Darkness Hall & Oates
  11. Green Eyed Fairy

    Dips and Sauces....or even just plain dipping sauces!

    McDonalds has a new dipping sauce for their nuggets called Sweet Chili. It's fantastic! A whole new flavor that is a nice change from the usual. Any good sauce discoveries to share? Good dips? Recipes? Food combo ideas?
  12. Green Eyed Fairy

    College Survival Care Package

    My oldest daughter is away at college now and I tend to buy things to give her when she comes home such as craisins, applesauce, toiletries, etc. Any ideas about little things a college student could use?
  13. Green Eyed Fairy

    Honey Badger doesn't give a sh*t.... because he's nasty!!
  14. Green Eyed Fairy

    Compulsive Eaters May Have 'Food Addiction,' Study Finds

    My first thought, upon seeing this on Good Morning America this morning, was DUH :doh: I have gone to Overeaters Anonymous. I, and many others in OA, have called ourselves food addicts for years. My second thought was that perhaps this is good news....not because being an addict is good...
  15. Green Eyed Fairy

    Happy Happy Birthday Fat9276 !!! :D (Sept 2)

    10:19 pm on the east coast- close enough for me. Especially since I wanted to be the one that got to make your birthday thread :p :) Everyone gets a fairy for their birthday so here is yours: Hope that you like it and that you have many more happy, healthy birthdays in the years ahead.
  16. Green Eyed Fairy

    Favorite Day of the Week

    I sometimes think it's Friday because my kids are away and I can do whatever I want. Plus, it's pay day every other week. Other times, I think it's Saturday- if I don't have to work, because I can sleep late and make my girls their favorite breakfasts when they get home :) What is your...
  17. Green Eyed Fairy

    Body dysmorphic disorder

    I sometimes wonder....could this be why I always see myself as "fatter", "bigger" than most people matter what they say they weigh? I find myself out in the world, always labeling myself "FATTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE". Why would I do that? I have an eating disorder- one that is...
  18. Green Eyed Fairy

    I appreciate the wonderful ladies on Dimensions thread

    Yes....sister thread to the one on the main board. I suspect some of the ladies are made to feel unwanted/unwelcome/unappreciated at times. So I'm sending my e-love out to all the smart, lovely, kind/caring, passionate, terrific ladies I see on here each and every time I log in. You have my...
  19. Green Eyed Fairy

    Happy Birthday Blackjack Jeeves!! :D :D

    I hope your birthday is as nice as you are :D
  20. Green Eyed Fairy

    Happy Birthday FatGirlFlyin!!! :D :D

    Hope this birthday is one of your best ever. I also wish you many more happy and healthy ones in the years ahead :)
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