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    Cutco knife Set

    Worth 300 + selling for $180.00 please only serious inquries.......hope its ok to post here I figured the Foodee board where people talk about food and cooking would be the best place. contact

    Would you?

    I was watching TLC tonite... the show on was about a man who had his face ripped off by a bear. He managed to get a donated face....yes donated. Faces can be donated just like organs....I thought how cool. So I asked my friend would you donate your mothers face? your childrens face to save a...

    Clothing For Sale

    I have a few items for sale, price doesn't include shipping email me if your interested at Clothing $20 - white 2 pc set - 6X $20 - red 2 pc set - 8X $30 - nun costume - 11X never worn $20 - priest costume XL never opened $30 - 2 pc pant set tube top/bell pants in...

    More 9x & 11x Costumes

    Click Here 9x school girl - brand new never worn 11x Nun - brand new never worn XLarge priestu - brand new never worn, still in bag Corset - brand new never worn comes with matching thongs

    9 & 11 X size costumes on ebay

    just listed some costumes and a corset Size 50 Click here

    When are you too fat to drive?

    I saw a post on the paysite board that made me curious enough to make this post. Are any of you ever scared that maybe your belly might keep you from turning your wheel quick enough to avoid an accident? I see ladies who drive even though their bellies just about cover the wheel. I don't see...

    Barbs Largs n Lovely??

    I went to Barbs Large n Lovely today to get the only thigh highs that fit me and the site is gone............please don't tell me their closed :( If they are where can I get the thigh highs she sold?

    you know what sucks about being short, fat and single.................

    when all the light bulbs blow your in the dark........:confused: thank god for lamps a short,fat,single girls must have in every room:D

    HELP!! Huge Sized Sexy Clothing Needed pleaseeee

    Have a friend whose like a 10 x and I need to find some sexy clothing for her for photo shoots........big gals & hourglass just take too long ....need something this week any ladies have anything they would like to part with?

    Selling Items on Ebay

    Feel free to contact me with any questions about the items listed you have.....

    What chip can you not put down after one.....

    Its Golden Flake Cheese Curls for's the only chip that after one I have to finish the whole big bag and do everytime. I can't help it either I try putting it down because I'm thinking I really shouldn't be eating this whole bag at one time so I have just one more, then just one...

    Help me help others

    Most of you know I recently lost my son, when the labs came back with the cause of death my life changed. The cause was accidental drowning/huffing, they believe because my son & friend were huffing it led to their death. The Tuesday night previous my dad & I were talking and he had told me my...

    Myspace on your profile: PLEASE READ EVERYONE

    Just given a helpful hint to ALL........I've noticed when people enter their myspace information for their profile their putting in the full url. DO NOT DO THIS, IT DOES NOT WORK All the information you need to enter is your myspace username. example: my myspace url is...

    Memorial Website I changed my sons myspace profile into a Memorial for Zak.........If you've met him or knew me and felt you knew him thru me please leave a comment if you wish to do so. As you can see he was engulfed in love and had many friends that loved him...

    Looking for..........

    a specific cartoon photo, someone asked me what I wanted to look like........... I've seen the photo a few times and its the closet I've seen to my dream size/look but I can't find it :( I've been searching all day, here's my best description of it just in case someone may have...

    A quite personal issue

    From the way I bend to clean every couple of mths I have a week like this past week where I can barely walk. The pain in my left side is just extremely painful and every step is like someone stabbing me. After more than a year of going to the ER every couple of mths thinking it was females...

    Shoot Clothing

    leopard, green, blue & white dress - $20.00 all are stretchy 3x/4x Lime bra & panties set, never worn....bra is a 44 DD panties 12 Set $10.00 the set was a gift, bra is way too small for me black pumps - $10.00, black pumps are never worn, I ordered them from Electrique Boutique and by...

    Cleaning out the closet

    Sweet Onion Lovers!

    Now I know I shouldn't be telling you this because who needs another addiction right? :rolleyes: but I just had the best chip me :) Mrs. B's Southern Sweet Onion Potato chips from Golden Flake......OMG they are so damn good I Love them! You know when sautee onions and you see that...

    To All The Mother's out there...

    I hope your Mother's Day is filled with Lots of Love, yummy treats and everything your heart desires! Hears a little laugh from me to you!