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    Were you fat as a kid?

    This thread is inspired by a similar thread over on the main Dim board, and by Happy Wanderer's recent comment in the Halloween thread about having been 200 pounds when he was 10 years old. For my part, I don't remember any weights, and I was never the fattest guy in my class (though I was...
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    A celebrity FFA??

    Deborra-Lee Furness, wife of Hugh Jackman, is quoted in the press today as saying that she finds the muscular body he built up for his role as Wolverine in X-Men "annoying". She is quoted by him as saying, "A husband's job is to be fat and flabby and make me look fabulous." A closet...
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    "Be Enormous" campaign

    Anybody else struck by the obvious creative (stories, songs, parodies, videos) possibilities put forward by the current "Be Enormous" ad campaign that Fosters Beer is running? I know they're promoting big cans of beer using the 'expansive' Aussie lifestyle, but why not just take a little...
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    Bare bellied Santa toy

    Was cruising through the local Zellers (Canadian discount department store) today when I saw something in the Christmas discount racks that caught my eye: a stuffed toy featuring a fat Santa, his bare belly (with belly button) bulging out between his skin-tight red coat and pants. Santa was...