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    BBW Lost BBW WG story involving a "vampire"...

    I found it!Sweet Tooth - by Billsfan248 (~BBW, stuffing, ~MWG, Fantasy) | Main Dimensions Board - Dimensions Forums Sweet Tooth by billsfan248 on DeviantArt
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    BBW Lost BBW WG story involving a "vampire"...

    Does anyone recall a story from a few years ago about a vampire that feeds on gluttony? The protagonist is a chubby lady who is served a red velvet milkshake from an SSBBW benefactor at a buffet (the "vampire"). She is then led to a mansion where she is magically given tons of milkshakes and...
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    Monroe Piercing

    I think I'm in love, too!
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    Secret Stuffing Society by Guhbone ~BBW (Multiple), ~Feeding, Lesbian Sex, ~MWG)

    Well put Shredder. This is the best WG story I've read in a while. I can't wait for more!
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    Donut Girls 9-14 - by Durin (~BBW, Eating, Appetite Stimulant, Romance, ~XWG )

    Please continue this story! Great job so far!
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    Looking for a story

    Hi everyone. Do you remember a story about a college girl working at a grocery store? I think eventually the owner lets the son take over and the girl has to teach the guy a lesson by eating most of the stock. If anyone knows where to find it, please post a link. Thanks.
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