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  1. PiggiesLove

    Lucky Se7en

    Read them too as well now. You are a very talented writer! All your stories really are amazing. 😍
  2. PiggiesLove

    Red & Reb - by RVGleason (BBW, SSBHM, Romance, Feeding)

    I love that Red is a science fiction writer. That's one of my fave genres to read, other than SSBHM/FFA romance of course. ;) The second story was definitely a romantic comedy. Really loved both stories.😍
  3. PiggiesLove

    Lucky Se7en

    I've read all your stories now. You are a very very talented writer. You should keep writing. Have you ever published anything? I'd love to write a SSBHM/FFA story but I don't think I'll ever be as good as that.
  4. PiggiesLove

    Gina & Carlo- A Love Story in Several Courses

    Love this. It's so much like a romantic comedy movie except with SSBHM/FFA. 😍
  5. PiggiesLove

    BHM A Little Out Of The Way Place ~FFA~BHM~Eating~WG

    Love the Lady's Request! 😍 Such a romantic story. Those SSBHMs have good healthy appetites.😍
  6. PiggiesLove

    Tiny & Edie Pumpkin Eater

    Your characters Tiny and Edie in a story. So cute. You should do more of these. Really loved it.
  7. PiggiesLove

    BHM Waldo Wyde - Circus Fat Man

    What a classic story about a circus fat man, and a perfect idea for SSBHM/FFA. That was a really beautiful story.
  8. PiggiesLove

    Lucky Se7en

    Thanks for posting the links. I've read two of them so far. They are very good, you are a very good writer. There needs to be more art and stories about BHMs with FFAs. I'm thinking of drawing some BHM/FFA pics too. Hope you write more.
  9. PiggiesLove

    Dad Bods!

    Dad bods are good, but I prefer bigger bellies.;)
  10. PiggiesLove

    DazzAnn's excursion to the World of Art

    You are good at drawing fat. I need some more practice at my art I think. Really love your work.
  11. PiggiesLove

    Tiny & Edie: Advantages Of Fat

    Love it 😍 !!
  12. PiggiesLove

    Tiny & Edie: Hip To Be Round

    Lol I look a bit like her but with glasses. Wish I had an ssbhm like that.😍
  13. PiggiesLove

    Lucky Se7en

    I really loved this. Are you going to write more stories?
  14. PiggiesLove

    How do you like a man's belly?

    I like 2 (soft and jiggly), 3 (hard gut) or 4 (combo of hard guy with jiggly fat)... so really that's almost all bhms and ssbhms. I don't like bhms and ssbhms to shave, I prefer their natural hairiness. A big belly is the best part of a bhm or ssbhm.
  15. PiggiesLove

    Weight limits?

    Prefer anything from chubby up to 700lbs. Maybe more than that. I just like plenty of chub. Probably more into SSBHMs than BHMs.
  16. PiggiesLove

    How to spot a potential FFA in the wild?

    I always be polite to BHMs then stare with a smile. Most other people just ignore them. So I think there is a difference with FFAs compared to other people.
  17. PiggiesLove

    Do you speak any foreign languages

    I only speak English. Would love to learn a different language, like French maybe.
  18. PiggiesLove

    BrokenCassette's Big Handsome Men Gallery

    Love all your bhms. I would love to see more of your art.
  19. PiggiesLove

    FFA's: What's your ideal first date?

    I like the idea of a movie date at home with lots of popcorn. Popcorn mostly for the BHM or SSBHM. Then have a big home cooked meal or takeout. Then a walk along the beach at sunset to finish the date or good enough for a second date maybe.