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    Revenge of the Gingerbread Men - by Milkdud (~BBW, Eating. ~~WG)

    ~BBW, Eating. ~~WG - A little manipulation goes a long way Revenge of the Ginger Bread Men by Milkdud PART I Iris peeked in the oven and smiled. “Almost done!” she nearly squealed out of excitement. She was baking Gingerbread Men for her room mate whom she felt was entirely too...
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    Weight Gain Clinic Trina by Milkdud (~BBW, Feeding Tube, ~XWG)

    ~BBW, Feeding Tube, ~XWG- Some people will endure nearly anything Weight Gain Clinic by Milkdud The room was bright white. White tiles… White chair… white conveyor belt. And those buzzing white fluorescent lights. Trina sat tied to a comfortable chair, but still tied to it...
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    Amy - by Milkdud (~BBW, Stuffing, ~SWG)

    ~BBW, Stuffing, ~SWG - a restaurant so good the patrons all look preggo after their meal AMY by Milkdud [This is my first story. I don't know why but I was suddenly inspired to write this from a dream I had. Hope you like it, I know I did. Enjoy.[ The alarm clock started buzzing...