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  1. toni

    Latest Food Discoveries - Share them here!

    This is what dreams are made of....
  2. toni

    Are you a vegan or a carnivore?

    MEAT MEAT MEAT and some pizza lol Keep the ugly veggies AWAY
  3. toni


    Piink, I only wear their T-Shirt bra. They have a lot of support a give the girls a good shape. When I wait for the right sale, I pay 20-24 each.
  4. toni


    Sort of okay deal. They do go cheaper. Way for a sale and combine with a coupon. :D
  5. toni

    Are you high maintenance?

    I am very high maintenance and proud of it. My hair, make up and nails are not always perfect but I think there is more to it than that. I demand to be treated with respect. If you are not doing that, I will call you out on the spot. That way there are no misunderstandings or assumptions...
  6. toni


    I want this soooooooo bad! I think I have just enough room left on my torrid card.... It kills me to do it. I've never spent more than 30 dollars on a bathing suit but this one is so amazing.
  7. toni

    Latest Food Discoveries - Share them here!

    I've had the chocolate version of this beauty. It is amazing. :eat2:
  8. toni

    Has anyone heard from i'mfree?

    So sad :( He will be missed.
  9. toni

    Male belly decision

    Very adorable. Keep going if it makes you happy! :smitten:
  10. toni

    So true and beautiful

    All that is great. I feel her statement is one of self acceptance and not shaming. If a size 2 or 32 is upset with her, I get it. I am proud of her for accepting herself as she is at this moment.
  11. toni

    So true and beautiful

    UGH!!!!!!!!! She is making a self accepting statement about her body. Saying fuck you to the size 2 pushers of the world. Yes, I would think a size 32 would mind blowingly glorious. :happy:
  12. toni

    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

  13. toni

    What is the greatest sandwich?

    HOLY CRAP!!! I might love you :smitten:
  14. toni

    Why do you feel you have to get an okay from the world to be fat?

    I totally agree with this statement. People know I love me. I don't listen to diet talk. Various people at work try to coax me on diets at times. I have to shock them and say I am very happy and very loved fat but thank you for your concern. Once someone hears this, they won't try again. I...
  15. toni

    So true and beautiful

    I love this picture. I posted it on my facebook page last week. Sooo true!
  16. toni

    What's your spirit of choice?

    Beer: Blue Moon with Orange Vodka: Absolute straight or with 7up or Red Bull Rum: Bacardi straight or mixed with a smirnoff wine cooler Champagne: Pink Moscato Bubbly
  17. toni

    Fat and Happy in their 30s

    I am 31 and things are starting to get happy. I hope it isn't fleeting. :shocked:
  18. toni

    Has the baking begun?

    Next weekend! I can't wait!
  19. toni

    Body advice?

    I would suggest dresses. They hide everything. I know you don't want to be too cutesy but I wouldn't go too old lady either. I think you can pair a cutesy dress with a nice blazer and find a good balance. :) I'm sorry you had to endure all of this, I would be devastated. I am happy to...
  20. toni

    Storm Sandy preparation

    I am a simple girl. Doritos and red bull.