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  1. toni

    Plus size sales on Ebay

    We are bringing sexy back to EBAY. The clock is ticking! Hurry up and secure your treasure. Lots of Torrid jackets, dresses and panties. Toni's Treasures on EBay
  2. toni

    Emotional Eating

    My whole life I have been living in denial. I see it. I am an emotional eater. I didn't recognize the signs until now. The last few months have been an eye opener for me. I was removed from a high stress situation and lost 35 pounds (without trying). I will be returning to that stressful...
  3. toni


    Who is a yelper? I've had very positive experiences with their rating system. I find their search tool very useful when looking for restaurants. My friend and I were on a mission to have hot derbys and muffalettas. Both are not local to us. We were able to easily find them using yelp...
  4. toni

    Iron deficiency/anemia

    My doctor has been monitoring my anemia for months. He has come to the conclusion that my body does not absorb iron properly. He is referring me to a hematologist for introvenus iron. Before I go that route I want to try powdered or liquid iron but can't seem to find anything good on the web...
  5. toni

    Transformers 4

    I'm soooooo happy! :happy:
  6. toni

    Fat Chef

    Has anyone watched this show? Do we really need Food Network broadcasting fat shame? "Lose weight or Die", really??? Fat Chef
  7. toni

    Doctor rant

    I went to the doctor yesterday to get help with on going depression, anxiety and insomnia issues. Like every other fool before him he tells me I "don't look depressed". THen tries to blame it on my thyroid. Really!?! I am so sick of doctors trying to blame everything on my thyroid. Oh, you...
  8. toni

    Why You're Not Married

    Why You're Not Married This article screams bullshit to me. I was angry reading through it. I have no desire to get married. I examined myself on all of her levels and it is simply not true. The only thing I agree with is her last point. Maybe it can help others find the confidence...
  9. toni

    Forever 21 Elizabeth NJ

    They just opened at Jersey Gardens mall and they have plus sizes.
  10. toni

    The next food network star

    I love this show. I wait for it all year. We are down to the final six. I think in the next three weeks Herb, Serena and Aria will be out. I like Herb but I do not think he has star quality. Serena is cute and sweet but talks too damn fast and doesn't make sense when she is presenting her...
  11. toni

    Make up help

    I know nothing about make up. I am really bad at it. I can't match colors and I don't apply it right. That being said. I need a foundation/cover up. A few months back I picked up bare minerals in medium. I feel that it washes me out and I look super white. Can anyone recommend...
  12. toni

    Kevin James

    Kevin James's movie "Grown Ups" is out today. I know I willl be in line! :wubu::wubu::wubu::wubu:
  13. toni

    OH Starbucks lol
  14. toni

    Food Network

    If you are in the NY/CT/NJ area and have Cablevision your Food Network is blacked out. Food Network is holding their programming hostage. They are using their fans to fight a negotiation war with the cable provider. It is very unorthodox and not fair to the viewer. If you are a customer...
  15. toni

    New Years Eve

    What is everyone doing for New Years Eve?
  16. toni

    Snowed in

    Who is snowed in and what are you eating? Being snowed in is lots of fun. We always fill the house with tons of junk food. We have chinese take out, doritos, microwaved pizza, popcorn, ice cream and christmas cookies. What about everyone else?
  17. toni

    Torrid sale TIME SENSITIVE

    50% off all dresses for 3 hours only. Starting at: 3pm pt 4pm mt 5pm central 6pm et 11pm gmt Perfect for the holidays. I have my eye on this one.
  18. toni

    Tassimo or Keurig

    I am going to purchase one of these single serve coffee makers in the next week or so. I am trying to decide which one to buy. Does any one have reviews they would like to share?
  19. toni

    UGH Uggs

    I am one to poke fun at the people who wear "da boots wit da fir". I was discussing it at work today and found out that they are allowed in our business casual policy. Because I hate wearing heels, I want a pair. I am thinking of getting the EMU brand in black. Is it tacky to wear the knock...
  20. toni

    Turkey time

    I noticed I am 10 bucks away from my free turkey at my local Pathmark. This got me thinking about my bird and how I will prepare it. I am toying with the idea of deep frying it. Has anyone done this before? Tell me about it....