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  1. freebird

    Is my girlfriend a feedee?

    Ok ill lay out the facts as I see them and you judge: - She was plump when I met her - When asked what my greatest turn on was, i said i enjoyed watching her eat (kinda a half truth) - Whenever I have snacks in my room and I offer them to her she never turns them down and eats with reckless...
  2. freebird

    Force Feeding and Domination

    Does anybody else enjoy these kind ogf stories as much as I do? Are there many out there and If so, where? I mean the author I know who does that kind of thing is JP (tip of the cap to you) anyone else out there?
  3. freebird

    Banners, Photoshop DIY and such

    I usually have one of my banners displayed in my signature in forums but since, i cant seem to do it here, I'm forced to draw people's attention it here. Anybody got anything else home-made to show?
  4. freebird

    Freebird's Country Hoppin' Plan

    Ok since i last went on holiday I vowed to myself that I'm going to a foriegn country once a year every year until I die or am incapable to do so. Next year I'm thinking Prague. What i want you guys to do is to suggest less-than-mainstream places to visit in my quest around world.
  5. freebird

    1,2,3, Learn Japanese with me!

    Ok, i've been trying to learn Japanese for like a year now and can only say a few phrases and stuff. I understand the language and stuff but don't know many useful words from which to make sentences. I'd be happy to impart my wisdom onto members, if they can help me in return. Ok lets start...
  6. freebird

    Word up for Irish Rock!

    I blow the digital dust off my albums of 'Flogging Molly' and 'Dropkick Murphys' today and then remember how much they rock. They have to be the only two bands that make me want break a chair over the head of someone. It's doesnt matter who. I think alcohol might be involved as well...
  7. freebird

    The Importance of 'Letting Go'

    Ok, i got something to say, but I don't where to say it so i'm just gonna throw it out there and you guys can read it or judge it or whatever. Don't expect it be stylish, poetic or even coherent, i'm just trying to textualise the clutter in my mind. I just got out of a long distance...
  8. freebird

    Yet another person looking for a story.

    Hey im looking for this story about a girl who gains weight by drinking cooking oil. I remember that it rocked but thats all I can remember. Curse my shoddy memory! Can anyone help?
  9. freebird

    SF stories!

    How come we never get any SF stuff? I would be nice if someone could brew some up or post existing stock. Just a suggestion.