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    How do you like a man's belly?

    Probably 4 but more on the squishy side, with a bit of hair.
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    What are you having for breakfast

    I had profiteroles and black coffee.
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    How much heavier than yourself is your partner or how much heavier are you?

    I think he's about double my weight 😍 its amazing. Its a guess I dont ask his weight. I'm about 170.
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    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    I used to be 9 stone 4 at my lightest. Uk size 8 in clothes. Now I'm at least 12 stone(I dislike scales so I may be heavier)and pushing a uk size 16. I enjoy being curvy, enjoy being naked, sex is better but I've got a fat and getting fatter boyfriend too so its extra awesome. I dont like not...
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    About The Erotica Thread?

    Can I opt in please
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    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    I am definitely slowly spreading again after weight loss due to bad events earlier in the year. I'd suggest scheduling in things I gained a lot last year just by having really calorific lunch and an after work milkshake and doughnut every Friday.
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    I am really feeling the need this so badly. I feel like its wrong because it's appropriating the appearance of a larger person without the sometimes harsh day to day realities. But today I keep thinking about having to waddle and move my belly to sit comfortably.
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    sooo any bhm into squashing skinny girls?

    heaviest guy I've been squashed by is about 350lb. It makes a difference where they position themselves. On the ribcage be VERY careful and be informed about the signs of asphyxiation. My partner shuffles down so he's not on my ribs but I'm still trapped I find it exciting being trapped and...
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    FFA/BHM romances on film

    Thats hella cute 😍
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    Belly library (men/women)

    Oops. Seem to have yo-yo'd again. really don't know where this belly came from 😂so much for salad!
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    What did you buy today?

    This dress got delivered today. It makes me happy.
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    Need some help

    They could have found their natural weight i guess.
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    Need some help

    I gained about 20lb in a relatively short space of time last year. My rules were always having the most calorific option, milkshake and a doughnut every Friday after work. If having fast food always having the large option.
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    Female Fat Padding

    I do this occasionally. I really fantasise about doing it in public. Heres a recent padding, not very complex. In reality my belly doesn't pop out that far although last year it got to half this size approx. I lost it all again.
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    FFA/BHM romances on film

    Just made a watch list on my imdb of all these. I'm looking forward to my evenings again!
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    FFA/BHM romances on film

    Omg he's gorgeous *drools*
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    FFA/BHM romances on film

    Hes one of my favourite BHM. Also have a search for Olafur Darri Olaffson who is in a few films. Utterly dreamy.
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    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    To me a man with boobs is super masculine. I'm not trying to fatten my man he's doing fine without assistance 😁
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    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    When you see the guy from the office, who you'd watched over a year have an impressive weight gain (and had overheard him talking about enjoying eating and fatness) and he's in the park and clearly been exercising and losing weight since lockdown. And you feel a bit sad.
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    The Model or the Message?

    Shes still an idealised fat shape, as beautiful as she is. Like just a scaled up hourglass. I like the message but it will never be perfect because its advertising a product too.