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    Paranoia's Tales 005 - Ice cream (XWG, Horror-Fantasy, Lactation)

    Paranoia's Tales 005 - Ice Cream by dr-black-jack The past is a boat which floats upon a sea of dreams. What was once truth in the here and now can fade into obscurity without ever having ever docked upon the port of the present. Have you ever tasted the meal you had yesterday? Have the...
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    Paranoia Tale 004 - Gift

    “Who am I, you ask?” “I am here...I am everywhere” “I have not one name but thousands” “Every inch you gain, I have worn” “I visit the hungry in their burning skin and devour the bodies of the thin.” “Your gluttonous ways are my delight” “With your belly rumbling, you invite...
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    Paranoia's Stories - Silence - XWG, Occult, Horror

    It's 4:37AM and I just cannot sleep. Hours have passed and there is nothing I can do about it. Do you know what the worst part is? I'm not alone. They keep staring at me through the darkness and although I do my best to pull the covers over my head I cannot help but catch a passing glance. I try...
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    Takumi's Valentine's - Audio WG story

    BBW, Romance Hi there everyone, In true Valentine's Day fashion, I have been working on several new romantic themed stories which I hope would be just the ticket for the season. For those of you who have read my previous stories, you may be familiar with a rather heavy-set, young nurse with a...
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    Voices - by Dr-Black-Jack (~BBW, ~XWG, Occult, Horror)

    ~BBW, ~XWG, Occult, Horror - Voices prompt a woman to eat past her usual limits <-- alternate version found here (Author's note - Also available in a totally different format on my DA page. Drop by some time and compare the versions...
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    Inside Every Thin Girl.... - by dr-black-jack (~BBW,~XWG,Occult)

    ~BBW, ~XWG, Occult - Author's note: It's that time of year again! A blend of horror and WG story combined. Lets see how this tale goes...and happy Halloween everyone! Inside Every Thin Girl… Dr-black-jack I’ll have you know that I wasn’t always like this… In fact, there was a...
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    Plus Size - Patient Chart 002 (SSBBWs, ~XWG)

    SSBW, ~XWG - This story covers the realms of the medical side of WG stories but also touches upon some more sensitive topics. A 'cat girl' has been used as the 'foreigner' in this case and has not been chosen to offend any particular racial group. I do hope you'll all enjoy! Plus Size -...
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    Plus Size - by Dr-Black-Jack (Medical, SSBBW, ~XWG)

    ~SSBBW, ~XWG, Medical - A young waitress serves some unusual customers Author’s Note: For the longest of time, WG and the health perspective have been like oil and water. I created this story out of an idea of how to combine both aspects together into something which I hope that you will all...
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    First ever WG Visual Novel Game - Love Hina Fanfiction

    Since the dawn of FAism on the internet, FAs worldwide have yearned for a new way to interact with their bulging beauties. They've created stories, poetry and pages upon pages of awsome art but that was still never enough. It is time for a change. Presenting previews for the western...
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    Dr-Black-Jack's Thread

    Hi there everyone XD Just thought i'd drop in and create one of these! I've only submitted two stories right now, but I'm planning on transfering more over from my deviant art account as well as create more new material. I'm greatly looking forward to hearing from the rest of you in the...
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    Luna: Larger than Life - by Dr-Black-Jack (SSBBW, Fantasy, Liquid Inflation, XXWG)

    SSBBW, Fantasy, Liquid Inflation, XXWG - A captive fairy becomes addicted to a special type of heavy water.Luna: Larger than Life by Dr-Black-Jack Based on the original character ‘Lunaliel Songwind’...
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    All Natural - by Dr Black Jack (SSBBW, Magic, Pregnancy, ~XWG)

    SSBBW, Magic, Pregnancy, ~XWG - A vast transformation follows a snack of bagel and cream cheese. [Author's Note: Hi there everyone XD Long time lurker, first time poster here. I just decided to post up one of my own stories from DA here to see what you guys all thought of my writing style...
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