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  1. jamie

    Fun Link - Fridge Watch

    We had a thread on the Foodee board a while ago about "What's In Your Fridge," that I loved. The voyeur and the foodee in me love the mingling of topics. While reading a cute food blog, the writer had a link to this site which collects photos from people's refrigerators from around the...
  2. jamie

    Iron Foodee October Vote!

    Sorry I am late folks - work has kept me from the boards, but it came crashing into my head today that it was time for a vote!! Since the polls only allow 10 entries, and we technically have 11, I have combined entries for people who made multiple suggestions. If you want, you can post and...
  3. jamie

    Iron Foodee Challenge - October 2008.

    Since the poll ended, I thought I would go ahead and get October started for everyone. Thanks for your votes and I hope you each get to try the Tofu Quiche out and enjoy it. So - October is my very very very favorite month...I look forward to October 1 every year and am in love straight...
  4. jamie

    Last Minute Vegas Advice?

    We are leaving for Las Vegas in the morning and I am suddenly struck with anxiety. I have never been on a plane. I have never been to Vegas. I have hardly been anywhere. I bought my own seat belt extender so that I had that covered. Went on line and checked the seats and set up and it...
  5. jamie

    Wedding pictures..

    Here are some promised pictures of our wedding events last week. We got married at 2:30pm on October 31 at the Justice of the Peace in town. Loved, loved her. She was this sweet little old lady with an interesting home..and an orange living room that was a strange background for the ceremony...
  6. jamie

    Happy Birthday Timberwolf!!

    Hope you have had a lovely day full of lovely things...and a wonderful year to come!! :)
  7. jamie

    Vote Now: Iron Foodee Challenge - September - Quick Breads

    Alright - submissions are in and it's time to cast your vote! The poll will be open until Tuesday, when the official winner will be announced. Good luck and thanks to all the participants. You gave me lots of yummy ideas. I have a lot of baking to do this fall. :eat1:
  8. jamie

    Nifty Cooking Site

    I am not sure how I have missed this site, it says that there are entries from back in 2006, but today was the first I have seen it. is a site with lots of recipes, techniques and best of all video demonstrations. They are short neat little vids that just give you an idea of...
  9. jamie

    Iron Foodee Challenge For September

    Alright, I am going to try something a little different this month. With the season starting to ease its way into fall, I start to ease myself into being more of a nester. I want to pull out the pots and pans and make something comforting and that makes the house smell yummy. I thought...
  10. jamie

    Company picnic!

    Tomorrow it is going to be around 100 degrees and we are going to a picnic with hardly any trees in the middle of the afternoon for a company wide picnic. There will be about 250 ppl there and we need to make two dishes to feed 10-12 ppl each. I *still* have no idea what to bring. We don't...
  11. jamie

    Tell me about your wedding...

    A friend of mine at work is newly engaged as well and I keep finding myself completely amused and in awe at how different the process is for us. She is having 5 attendants on each side, special California sunflowers flown in and has to meet with a priest umpteen times to get the church she...
  12. jamie

    good news and bad news...

    The bad news first...I think I am allergic to the very beautiful lilies that the boy sent to me at the office on Friday. They are huge and heavenly, but everytime I am in my office, my vision gets blurry and I start sniffling. Here are the culprits...and I love them dearly...but had to...
  13. jamie

    Indian Clothing - 3x and Custom sizing available

    I found this site on one of the blogs I visit. I love Indian design and coloring and have always wanted that kind of clothing, seems like good summer wear because it is lightweight and colorful. is a very cool site with lots of Indian and Indianesque clothing. It is also very...
  14. jamie

    Tis the season....Fair Food

    I have a weakness...I should probably be posting this in the confessions thread..but I thought I would start a separate one just in case there were any other devotees... I am addicted to fair food. You know the type - concession stands, street vendors at festivals, the big, lit up...
  15. jamie

    Sweet Little Father and Son Reunion..

    I was wondering if anyone else was watching the Today Show this morning? They showed the video of this little six year old boy being suprised by his father, who had been gone for seven months in Iraq, coming to his classroom. I am usually not too much of a sucker for that kind of thing, but I...
  16. jamie

    Happy Birthday, Aliena!!!!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful day!!! You are one of the sweetest, most generous people I know!!! Congrats on your special day. Hope you and the whole WubbyTubby household have a great time. :wubu: :D :bounce:
  17. jamie

    January - Iron Foodee Challenge - Vote HERE!

    Please choose your favorite recipe from this month's Iron Foodee Challenge. Since we had so few entries, I had room to list each entry as its own poll option and not group one poster's recipes together. Good luck and we look forward to crowning a new winner. SVS - darling moderator, can you...
  18. jamie

    Woohoo...Go COLTS

    Peyton did it...with some big help from the rest of the team...Peyton is going to get to go to the big game!!
  19. jamie

    Iron Foodie Challenge For January!

    December's Iron Foodie Challenge was so much fun that I hope we have lots of participants and recipes to look forward to in the long cold month of January. At the wonderful suggestion of SVS, we are going to go with Cream Cheese as the not-so-secret ingredient of the month. It can be...
  20. jamie

    Happy Birthday, Tina!

    Hope you are having a wonderfully special day and a bright year ahead of you!
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