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  1. shazz2602

    How many people are there over 500lbs?

    I was just sat here wondering how many men and women are actually out there that are my size and bigger, I am around 560lbs and 6ft tall and i somtimes feel like im in the 1% of the worlds smallest minority, So exactly who else is out there??
  2. shazz2602

    Do you believe in aliens?

    Sat with my boyfriend watching the sky i was wondering if there really could be something else out there. My boyfriend is a firm believe that there are aliens, he believes that he has been taken by them although its all fague and cloudy to him what actually happened. Sometimes i think its all...
  3. shazz2602

    Room 101

    If you could put three things into room 101 what would they be? I would love to get rid of: Old peoples driving Fat prejudice and Football
  4. shazz2602

    What do you think about women and breasts?

    I have recently realised that most men and women think that all big women have big breasts. Which is ofcourse not the case. It actually annoys me when some women with a flat stomach and huge breasts think they are bbw's. I personally think that if you have small boobs and a big stomach or...
  5. shazz2602

    Are you ready for christmas?

    Its not long now till christmas and speaking to some friends they already have all their presents. Which i find quite strange are you that organised too? Then some of my friends have bought a few presents unlike me who hasn't even thought about getting a present and i wont be thinking of...
  6. shazz2602

    I've gained recently and have bought a swimming costume

    Recently I have gained quite a bit of weight and i have decided to go swimming which to me is scary not because of the whole swimming thing, I love swimming well i did when i was a child. My scary thing is the whole do i look crap in my cossie and will i scare people? Also going swimming with...
  7. shazz2602

    Ive put on weight :( and now i feel unsexy why?

    i know it may sound mad to most of you but i dont like being as big as i am and well at the begining of last year i lost some weight. but come the autum i got depressed and so for about 8 months ive eaten what ive wanted too and when ive wanted too and today i went to the hospital for a pre op...
  8. shazz2602

    whats the one thing you want?

    Over here in the uk we dont normally have prom's where you all get dressed up and look like princesses which when i was 16 and left school i was grateful for because i was the largest girl in the whole school. luckily for me i was popular but i dreaded the fact of when they were deciding what to...
  9. shazz2602

    What makes you a bbw or a ssbbw?

    i was just wondering looking at some of the pictures on here of you pretty girls some a bit chunky and some what i would call real bbw's and ssbbw's what do you consider a bbw or ssbbw in weight or size? personally myself i think a bbw is a size 20 (uk) as a size 16 person these days is...
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